Wednesday, April 4, 2007

When the Cat's Away...

Defamer PrivacyWatch (celebrity sightings in L.A.):

"3/30 - Matthew Fox + entourage (including big bald bodyguard in a black Killers tshirt) came out for tv on the radio at Fonda tonight. He met up there with "Nikki," (Kiele Sanchez) the new chick on Lost. I don't know her real name. He was very tall and Smurfing HOT in some tight dark gray long sleeved thin material shirt. He even had a Jack-esque black necklace on. And she was very skinny of course. I think he came with his wife, but maybe not, now that I think about it. She was some very pretty asian woman but I think his wife is hispanic. He was rocking the Smurf out and singing along to all the old TVOTR songs, and left before the encore dripping with sweat. I love this guy so much. But I was too shy to say anything to him even tho he's on my favorite TV show."

I have it on good authority that they shot 3.18 very recently, so they'd be shooting 19 or 20 right now. If it's 20 (Dharma-centric), I guess it makes sense that he's not shooting, but if it's 19...he'd have to be there."

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