Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The jain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

jain jug
jain jiss
jain jex

Good GOD in Heaven. Has everyone seen some of the latest Jate signatures and banners? Now they've assimilated the word rain for themselves? It's not just rain that they want, it's Jain?!? WTF is that? Jate rain? Is that a special kind of rain? Rain that only falls on epic, cosmic, fated pairings like Jate?

… And now, for the jeather report on the jopical jost island of juv where Jate jug, jiss and jex in the jain. Is there any jexy jain jated for them today? Jain clouds on the horizon with scattered jowers in the afternoon. Partly junny tomorrow, with patches of jog in the early morning. Jemperatures expected to drop below jeezing before the end of the season.

Umm, yeah, whatever. Let’s just call it a draw, eh? They get all the words, to be bastardized into their Jate-tionary, and we get Kate, to do with as Sawyer pleases.

And lest we question our resolve or begin to feel we have agreed to too high a price, let me remind you, our cause is true. Just look what we will be saving her from.

Assorted comments from Live Journal -

I was thinking about Kate. How would you describe the way that she looked when Juliet told her that Jack knows about her and Sawyer? Guilty, I'd say guilty. Why would she care that much about hurting Jack's feelings, why be guilty about sleeping with someone she loves? I think that the reason she was none to happy about the fact that Jack knows about her and Sawyer is because now her relationship with Sawyer is real. She can't pretend that she didn't sleep with Sawyer, and still be unsure whether or not she has deeper feelings for Jack. She has to be with Sawyer now, and she's worried that she might not actually love him. Which we all know that she actually doesn't. Very much in the situation of I've made my bed, now I have to lie in it.
It's going to be a long road for us, guys, but it's very clearly not the end of Jack and Kate.

Wow. So Juliet asks Kate about Jack, and all Kate can think of is sex with Sawyer? I feel like such a bad Skater. Was it so obvious that even bubbles saw it? Or have some Jaters slipped so far over the edge they’re no longer limited to imagining Jate scenes? Are they now even seeing Skate scenes where none existed?

I was a little disappointed by the ending with all that Jack being uber concerned for Juliet and not for Kate crap.
Maybe it ain’t crap, darlin`.

I think Sawyer and Kate will probably have the same relationship throughout the show, but I think it will probably lessen to that of just really good friends when Kate gets with Jack.
Elementary English Lesson, lessen is NOT the same as same.

It broke my heart to see him care more about Juliette than Kate.. But we all know how Jack is. He does pull away. He's done it before and it will take time for him to 'forgive' her.
Jack cares more for Juliet, but he still has to ‘forgive’ Kate. What the frak for?! For sleeping with Sawyer? If he cares more for Juliet, why does he care if Kate slept with Sawyer? At least TRY to make your arguments make sense to the normal human community!

I know i'll gag if Jacket has some tender moments (which they kinda have) like I gagged when Skate had sex.
Here little bubble, have a feather. Insert it in your throat when the offending scenes occur.

Can it be? I am quoted AND linked on a Jater LJ?

“And, as much as I disagree with the stuff said over at fishbiscuitland, let me just point out that a really good point was made in one of their recent posts:

My only conclusion can be that the writers hate the character of Kate and want the audience to hate her too. I'm not sure how this bodes well for Skate or Jate, since it makes Kate look like a conniving bitch, who will sleep with men for revenge. How can anyone believe her feelings are genuine and 'true' for either of the guys in this scenario.”

Obligatory drivel from the Fuselage -

I think it will be good for Kate (and for Jate), for Kate to see Jack with Juliet - then she will have to deal with her feelings once and for all.
Has someone (Kate?) rigged Jack’s lodgings with cameras? Maybe it was that kinky boy, Sawyer.

I think that when they do converse with each other, in the beginning, Jack will be stand-offish and Kate will be very cautious around him.
And from the look of that promo, Kate will be exercising her caution by clinging to Sawyer.

It's going to be a bumpy ride, and even though there hasn't been THAT MUCH Jack and Kate interaction, what interaction there has been, has been very intense and VERY telling.
Very telling, indeed. It told me what an intensely unfeeling brute Jack can be.

So they can't end the season with nothing "Jatey" for us to live on until next season.
As a matter of fact, they can. If by “they”, you mean the people who actually write and produce Lost. You see, no matter how many times you chant, Jate is Fate!, “they” are under no obligation whatsoever to give it to you, in any quantity at all.

And crap from Lost Forum -

I'm cheering for Jate to succeed because romance has not been too kind to me over the years. Sounds creepy, but that is why I'm pulling for Jate, to succeed where others (me) have failed.
Really more sad than creepy. My condolences, dear.

S2 finale finished with the jate look and we were all positive that they were gonna get together in this season. However, the mini arc brought some things that I could never even imagine could happen, and many Jaters were on the edge of not only giving up on Jate, but the show itself. However, we waited...and waited.
And it happened. TMFT - the eppy in which we have finally been awarded for every tear, every stress, every fight and every bipolarity stage we´ve been through ever since the mini arc.

How quaint! No wait, how friggin` disturbing. Your big payoff is your hero abandoning Kate with a cult of psycho freaks. Lucky for her she’s a fictional character or she’d be screwed.

This scene, well, I know some of you have been dissapointed with jack´s bahavior. I cant say I liekd it either. But, I understood it. In his mind, Kate chose Sawyer.
Silly me. All this time I thought Jack SAW Kate choosing Sawyer. Or was it only her welcoming valley that chose Sawyer? I get so confused.

But, no matter what, Jack really loves her. There is no doubt in that. I think we can all agree that Jack´s feelings have been clear ever since I´m not
Clear as mud. Really thick, slimy, clay mud.

but times would happen when I was asking myself What if...What if we are the ones that see it all wrong? And you know why I had these doubts? It´s simple. I always believe that Jack loved Kate. I believe she truly loved him too, until that skex thing.
Yeah. But “that skex thing” didn’t slow ya down for long, did it? Clever spinners that you are. You deluded yourselves into actually believing that “skex” was some kind of bablefish code for “Jate is Fate!”. Ausiello says more bunny hopping is coming soon to a beach near you. I wonder what that will mean?

I think the main misunderstanding between the two ships comes from disagreeing on Kate´s feelings. We think she loves Jack, Skaters think she loves Sawyer. I think pretty much all of us can agree that both Jack and Sawyer love her.
Damn. So close, but just so wrong, my bubbly friend. We can’t all agree that Jack loves her. I’m not even sure I would agree that Jack likes her. Surely he wouldn’t treat someone he liked or loved with such disdain and contempt?

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