Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kristin's on Fire, Baby

Kristin's latest spoilers:

" * There will be a huge, Armageddon-ish battle between the Others and the Losties and it will not be the kind of thing you’d see in the 8 p.m. hour. Think savage. And think freakishly good.

* Another Other will get a flashback. And it just might be the best episode ever. So, will it be Ben? Michael Emerson coyly answered a question about such a prospect, saying, "I would look forward to a Ben flashback. I can't wait for such a thing to happen. I'm not sure when the audience is going to see that happen, but…When we do a Ben flashback, what would be the use of it if we didn't get to go back in time with Ben and see him? How exciting will that be? To see little Bens or different stages of Bens, maybe a whole mess of Bens! I can't wait for that." Neither can we fans!

* There will be at least one character death that comes as a complete and total shock to the fans.

* There will be at least two smoochfests between two different sets of characters before the season ends. Awww...yeah."

Go watch the vid with Evi, it shows that Kate's tent has been remodelled for two. Whaddaya say that 'gentleman caller' Kristin asks about is none other than Sawyer? Let's not get too excited, I'm not sure that Sawyer's the movin' in type not with Locke/Cooper around the corner but, it sure makes you go hmmm, don't it?

Oh, and special mention goes to this wonderfully snarky paragraph of hers. I'm betting she received some more juvenile hate mail for daring to show her Skate colors:

"Poor Jaters: I've learned my lesson about saying which way I'd personally like the love triangle to go (hate mail is not my cup o' tea), but I want you to know that Jaters, I feel for ya! That long, lingering, emotional hug between Kate and Sawyer must have been excruciating to watch—and Jack's right there with ya."

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