Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Good, the Bad...and Juliet

Looking over the forums today, I keep tripping over lovely comments from non-shipper types with nice things to say about that yummy Skate reunion last night. Of course, I brought a few over to share.

I have never been a Kate/Sawyer shipper, but their reunion scene on the beach made me all squishy inside.

"Bug-eyed bastard", hee! I'm not a shipper but his reunion with Kate was sweet.

Speaking of getting all misty-eyed, the Sawyer/Kate reunion turned me into a puddle on the floor. It was so very sweet, which has never been a word that I've used to describe these two.

So Sawyer was looking pretty trim. Which, er, isn't big news I guess, but for me, because I tend to find Sawyer way too 'burly man-buff covered in lard' greasy-ish, whose shirt somehow finds its way off his body suspiciously wayyy too frequently. And, yeah, I'll concede that the Sawyer/Kate hug was cute...

The wordless Kate/Sawyer reunion was a nicely done scene, as was Jack and Juliet sitting on the beach echoing the end of Tabula Rasa.

Kate and Sawyer might actually make sense. The reunion between them was the first time I believed in it. That was some embrace. Plus, Jack's annoying me with his bossy cluelessness.

I'm getting really sick of Kate. Make up your mind, woman!
On second thought, don't. Just go for Sawyer!

I'll be collecting my thoughts about this episode, but in the meantime, boys (well, CJ at least) and girls, feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. Fortunately there will not be a quiz.

And now for a little promo eye candy, courtesy of Spunky from L-F.

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