Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Skate Post Bites the Dust

Keep them PM's coming gals. The fish never sleeps. Read 'em and weep. Another post hacked to pieces with the excuse it was breaking some rule. But see for yourself what was cut out and YOU decide if it was fair enough. Poor Gregg, you are being fed a sadly sanitized version of what people really think of the show.

"Hi Gregg,

I guess I'm one of those easy to please fans of the show who really liked the send off given to Nikki and Paulo. It was a fun episode with a slightly creepy mystery undertone. Loved the CSI team of Hurley, Jin and Sawyer trying not to "mess up the crime scene". **MOD edited** (Interesting though that people were quick to suspect Sawyer again. I guess he's still reaping a bit of the Island cosmic payback for his past actions. He sure deserved that slap from Sun though.)

Let me just say that I've been enjoying the development of Sawyer's character independent of his romance with Kate. **MOD edited**(I saw some real (if small) progess in this last episode and it's heartened me to think that Sawyer might be developing more ties on the island and realising that he can't be a social outcast forever.)

I can't wait for Kate to come back into the mix though, since I really enjoy their chemistry and interaction. **MOD edited** (I'm hoping that she will see some of the changes he's made on his own.) I'm also keen to see Jack and Sawyer interact again after so much has happened. I miss their rival brothers dynamic a great deal too.

**MOD edited**(I'm still waiting for someone to acknowledge and appreciate some of Sawyer's sacrifices and bravery from the mini arc though (since Jack's has been) - you hinted that something like that was coming up. I guess I need to keep waiting and watching for it.)

My only disappointment in recent storylines has been Kate's seeming bland acceptance of Jack abandoning her (and Sayid) as a prisoner to the Others**MOD edited**.(when we know she greatly fears captivity and after the trauma she's been through at their hands. Also that she seemed to accept Jack's claim it was her fault that he trusted the Others. Am I supposed to believe she would not feel a tiny bit betrayed by his actions? It did not sit well with me at all.)

However, I will endeavour to trust that the writers know where they are going with this.

Locke the Grey is back after all, and that leaves me a happy camper for sure with this season's arc!!

P.S. I hope you had a great time at the Fuselage shinding."


That was too shippery, Halfrek? Shipper stuff my frakking ass.

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