Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Skate Post Lost

Although technically this was a Kate post, I still wanna honor it for being cruelly cut down by the Mod Squad before Gregg had a chance to peruse it. R.I.P little post that tried...

"Dear Gregg,
I am a Lurker in most of the Lost forums around the place and at the moment there seems to be one very dominant topic on the top of every bodies posts. What’s happening to Kate?
Back in season 1 she was this strong, amazing character who stood up for herself and had her own opinion, but there has been a definite decline in her strength. From that episode she morphed and slowly became the insecure, feeble, fickle character we see before us now. She seems desperate for Jack’s approval and acceptance even though he hasn’t really treated her very well, even leaving her prisoner to get himself home. Reading different peoples opinion lead me to try and pinpoint the moment this conversion began and I think it started when he reprimanded her for going against his word in The Hunting Party, since then she has become childlike whenever around Jack. Don’t get me wrong I still love her and I still think she is incredible when she is with Sayid or Locke or Hurley or Sun or anyone except when she is with Jack (and vice versa), when with him she looses that and becomes someone different entirely, its as if her strength crumbles in front of him leaving her vulnerable, belittled and unable to string two words together on her own opinion.
So my question is this for a reason? Is she meant to be coming across like this? Do Damon and Carlton have a direction for Kate? (I don’t want a spoiler a simple yes or no. So my post doesn’t get deleted.)
I’m so worried and sad for Kate’s character.
Thanks Gregg!"

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