Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Sorry Kind of Love

If love means never having to say you're sorry, as the sappy "Love Story" quote goes, then Kate clearly doesn't love Jack because the girl can barely complete a sentence to him without apologizing.  I fully expect her to apologize for the end of his marriage, the death of his dad, the airplane crash and the lack of his favorite brand of toilet paper on the island.

From AliceKarben at Lost-Forum.  The Fish salutes your fine work!

Season 1

White Rabbit
Jack: My father died. In Sydney.
Kate: I'm sorry.

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Jack: How long was I out?
Kate: I don't know. I'm sorry. You slid on the rocks.

[Jack carefully helping Kate put on her backpack.]
Kate: Sorry.
Jack: Yeah, well, luck of the draw.

Season 2: (The sorry season)

What Kate Did ?
Kate: Is he okay?
Jack: Yes, Kate, he's fine.
Kate: I'm sorry.
Jack: Are you?
Kate: Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I am not as perfect as you. I'm sorry that I'm not as good.

The Hunting Party
[Jack, Sawyer, Locke and Kate walking back to camp.]
Kate: I was just trying to help, Jack. When you told me not to go, I just -- I made a mistake. [Jack doesn't respond] Hey, could you just talk to me for a second. I'm sorry.
Jack: Yeah, I'm sorry, too.

S.O.S - (I think SOS means Sorry Of Sorrys)
KATE: It's a doll. [she reaches for it]
JACK [running toward her]: Wait, wait, no. No don't.
[Just as Jack gets there a trap springs and they get captured in a net.]
KATE: Sorry.

JACK: I'm trying to get the gun. I can't get my arm around.
KATE [reaching around to get the gun out of Jack's waistband]: Alright. .Sorry I don't want to shoot you. Okay.

JACK: They can hear me.
KATE: I'm sorry I kissed you.
JACK: I'm not.

Season 3

KATE: They're gonna kill Sawyer! [Breaks down into tears] I'm sorry!
[Jack turns away from partition.]
KATE: I'm so sorry! But she said that if you do it, and you do it soon, they'll let us go!
Jack: And you believe them?
Kate: I have to.
Jack: We're done here.
Kate: Jack, I'm sorry

Left Behind
Jack : What?
Kate: ... Because of me. I'm so sorry !
Kate: and now because of me you can't go home
Kate: I'm so sorry! [Kate crying] I'm so sorry!

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