Monday, November 6, 2006

No Sex Please, We're Jaters

Is it me or are Bubbleheads total prudes? I mean sheesh, it's like they are all 17 year old virgins destined for a nunnery the way they bleat on about the latest sex promos of Sawyer and Kate finally hooking up after 3 seasons of build up being all unromantic, and eeewww, and porno. Have they even seen a porno to know the difference?

What's the saying: 'No sex please, we're british'?

Get a gorram grip. Get real. Sex is a natural part of life. And it ain't always hearts and flowers and missionary.

I guess they think it's better for there to be some incessant adolescent exchanging of longing glances (don't get me started about the supposed LOOK), maybe an accidental brushing of fingers now and then...a couplet or two perhaps paced over a minimum of 5 seasons?

Bubbleheads seem to have this ridiculously cheesy notion of romance. Who the frak wants to watch two grown adults dance around each other for seven seasons? It's so unrealistic. It's so...naive. I wonder how sheltered their lives have been that they have to think that passionate sex between two consenting adults who obviously majorly dig each other is nasty and wrong.

If it were Jack and Kate doing the deed this week, you can bet the rationalisations would be much different.

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