Monday, November 6, 2006

Leah Kate Strikes Again

Leah Kate is one fantastic and witty individual. I love her In Hiding and On the Run Skate fanfics. If you haven't read them then shame on you, go here right this instant!! :

She wrote a great mocking commentary on LF today that I want to save for posterity:

"But... Kate ROLLED HER EYES at him, you guys! How could she ever possibly be in love with a man she's had the audacity to express mild annoyance and/or wry amusement for!?!? How DARE she? And... she told him to TURN AROUND while she changed her clothes in an open-air cage! I mean, if she really loved him, regardless of the fact that they're in captivity and things are tense and his attitude was bewildering her, shouldn't she have put on a strip tease for him? Shouldn't she have flashed those ta-tas and pressed them between the bars and hummed the theme to A Summer Place? Since she didn't, she so obviously doesn't love him. It doesn't matter what anyone says. If you love someone, you DO THE STRIP TEASE!!

It just doesn't add up. In my book, tender reunions with tears and food sharing and flirtation and compassion and passionate kisses with tongue and terrifying worry and emotional angst DOES NOT, and CAN NOT, make up for eye rolls and the lack of a strip tease. Something's fishy. That sex scene is coming out of nowhere."

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