Monday, November 6, 2006

The Jose Queens

There are certain Jaters who seem to be the lead Bubbleheads. Who do whatever it takes to keep their ship afloat to the point of delusional fanaticism.

Needless to say that it is most amusing to read their snooze worthy treatises on why Jate is still the fated couple, damn it!!! They take things out of context like Carlton Cuse's quotes and nitpick over the use of transitive verbs because they refuse to accept that TPTB don't give a monkey's arse about what Jater's want or the transcendent magic of the Jack/Kate ship. They are milking the triangle for ratings, are going with Skate because well, let's face it, it's much more interesting, has more potential, is more organic (tried hard not to write orgasmic) and the chemistry cannot be denied.

I think CC and DL are having a good old laugh at the Bubbleheads' expense, if their latest snarky podcast jokes about people threatening to quit the show is anthing to go by. They've all but spelled it out with a neon sign since July that it's gonna be Skate. And they are prepared for a certain faction of fandom to implode and turn all bitter and ranty on them. Kate loves and will choose Sawyer. But no...the Bubblehead Leaders are acting like the Titanic ain't taking on water.

"We're not sinking. No. Kate loves Jack, even though he just treated her like shit, and Sawyer and Kate are frakking each other's brains out in a cage...*bail, bail*"

God I love shipper wars.

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