Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just when you thought it couldn't get more delusional

I have to hand it to the Bubbleheads. Their whacked out rationalizations are just getting funnier and funnier and we are only two weeks into the hiatus.

The current Jose's which deserve honourable mention:

Alex was talking about Jack when she was yelling to Kate that they were going to kill her boyfriend.

Egads, we can't have it be Sawyer! No sirree that would lend validity to the notion that the Sawyer/Kate romance is not all in Sawyer's head and that other people see their connection too! So...For some reason, defying all the anvils about how Jack is needed alive to operate on Ben, and is valuable to the Others compared to Sawyer and Kate, despite the fact that both Pickett and Juliet make it clear that Pickett intends to kill Sawyer...it's Jack who is gonna be killed. WTF!

Why? Because...umm, well...because we can't acknowledge that Sawyer is Kate's boyfriend and we all know it. That's why. *chortle

Honestly if a four year old on crack can see that Kate and Sawyer are an item know, why can't the Bubblehead's admit it? Because it's heresy and all must bow down to the Church of Jate. All unbelievers don't exist, they don't have the faith, and shall be smitten from on high with the vengeance of Jose. I think I shall have to devote a post to this new religion. Why? Because mocking religion in general is kinda fun, but even more so when it's a cult religion started up by shippers.

Kate had sex with Sawyer to protect Jack because of the above 'boyfriend' thing. She doesn't want anyone to know that she and Jack are true loves.

Again, joseing of the most hillarious kind. Yeah, that makes as much sense as...George Bush invading Iraq to 'liberate' its people.

It's not what is being shown onscreen which is important this season, but what is NOT being shown onscreen.

Hello??? TV is a visual medium, not a 'use your frakked up imagination to cook up some farfetched idea of what's really going on behind the scenes to suit your shipper bias' medium.

Get real, peeps. Or at least collectively try to grow a brain which is capable of handling reality and adapting to what the canon is telling you. This is a TV show. Yes, it's a more complex one than some out there, but it's a show that relies on telling a story through moving pictures where people talk and there is sound and shit. There are certain conventions in place to tell a story that the casual viewer can understand. You are looking for ciphers and hidden codes where there are none. The romance of the season (so far) is Sawyer and Kate.

And I know it's a hard pill to swallow but Skate sells. Skate pulls in the ratings. Josh and Evi are proving to be huge hits with the media and the viewers. ABC have done their focus groups, and research. The bottom line is Jack sucks as both hero and romantic lead. There are rumours about MF which lend credence to the idea that he may be on the outs. Jack is better as the tragic flawed hero who doesn't get the girl but manages to soldier on and find his destiny blah de blah.

Just loved the latest interview with MF.

by Alicekarben

Does he look like he's on something or what? Those crazy shifty eyes. He doesn't seem all that cut up about leaving Jate behind and moving on to the fun stuff with Juliet.

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