Saturday, November 4, 2006

Jose to the max, my brotha

A list of why Skate sex is happening from a Bubblehead's perspective:

1. He forced himself on her
2. They put drugs in her fishbiscuits
3. The writers don't know how to write
4. TPTB have caved to media demands
5. It's a dream
6. It's just an obstacle on the way to Jate which will be overcome when Kate and Jack are finally together
7. zomg! That was soooo obviously a dream/fantasy sequence! It's just Soya's wishful thinking! Did you see the look on Kate's face?!? She would NEVER actually look at Soya like that!
8. It's part of their DHARMA breeding program, under duress.
9. One or both of them got their hands on some booze and are drunk out of their minds. (maybe Alex??)
10. Kate thinks Jack is dead.
11. Sawyer is trying to get Kate's bag off her head (I kid you not)
12. Kate things Jack has rejected her and she wants to get him back.
13. Kate is in despair over Jack and Sawyer takes advantage of her emotional distress.
14. Kate is hallucinating it's her husband Kevin.
15. Kate thinks Sawyer is Jack. Or at least it's set up so she will call out Jack's name.
16. Kate goes along with having sex, but she's wishing it was Jack.
17. Because she loves him like a brother. (Hey, if Boone & Shannon can do it . . . )
18: This is Kate's lesson. She will realise she made a huge mistake and beg for Jack to take her back.
19. Kate thinks Sawyer is about to die, she has to give something to him before he does, and she's a whore anyway isn't she?
20. (my personal fave) Kate is conning Sawyer. Ummm to save Jack.

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