Monday, November 6, 2006

Josh is god.

I am sooo squeeing over all the Sex promos for episode sex- I mean six, heh. No wonder Evi is so thrilled about this season, she's getting to work with one of the sexiest men on TV. Those snippets are so darn hot, I find myself mesmerized, especially over the pelvic thrust.

I do find it interesting that it seems as though Evi and Josh get on so well, like they seem to have really bonded as actors. I keep reading glowing statements about him from Evi and other cast members. He's the first she'd turn to, if she needed a shoulder to cry on? Rock on, sista! He's salty, charming, knock dead gorgeous and also apparently a really caring guy.

MF on the other hand gets the standard 'he's very professional' responses. I think he sounds like the career oriented type. Not really all that self effacing or generous to his fellow actors. And his views on monogamy are just priceless.

Damn Evi for getting to not only kiss Josh, but to do a full on sex scene. Like I said, no wonder she's gushing about how much she is enjoying this season.

For your delectation and YES THEY ARE KISSING:

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