Monday, November 27, 2006

It's MY Lost show and I'll cry if I want to...

You know what just makes me roll my eyes and snort with amusement? The way the Bubbleheads natter on about being betrayed by TPTB, how they don't trust the writers and producers anymore to carry out their grand vision of epic romance. And yet...they seem to also 'have utter faith' that their intended couple will still end up together, no matter what. Talk about delusions of entitlement. These nutters are acting like they are owed something, damn it. For their years of faithful service. *snicker*

Um, guys. I hate to break it to you but Kate and Jack are characters. Not entities with a will of their own. They ain't going to frakking come together magically in weird non-sexual cosmic bliss if the writers and producers think the Sawyer/Kate pairing is hotter, makes more story sense, pleases the majority of the viewers (judging by the ratings) and grabs the coveted demos the network wants.

Game over, you know?

But still, the Bubbleheads keep on going (like crazed zombies calling for brains – which they sorely need), frothing at the mouth and canting on about old season one script-ures as evidence that the ironclad promise and tacit contract TPTB made with the Jaters will still one day have to be honored.

*insert more rolling of eyes at such whacked out antics*

I rutting hope that ABC and DL and CC don't listen to their delusional whining and clamoring over the story developments of this recent batch of episodes. Because quite frankly, they haven't got a clue about the characters, especially Kate, and seem to be too blinded by the light that shines out of Jack's ass to be able to view the show with a critical eye. Yeah, I'm biased. But I don't think the show revolves around two soulmates coming together (reverently and with no touching of the dirty dangly bits) and finding salvation in each other yadda yadda.

I read a fanfic today that made me want to vomit. Jate fanfic is either so saccharine and fluffy it makes my teeth ache, or they make Kate into some screw up that Jack has to nobly forgive and fix. Puhlease spare me from the rank veiled (and sometimes not-so-veiled) sexism of my fellow female Lost fans. It makes me so darn sad some people really think a yelling abusive S.O.B who constantly makes Kate doubt herself, be submissive and apologise every ten frakking minutes is a healthy romantic choice for her. He clearly makes her feel like crap, and doesn't trust her. But somehow it's romantic that he yells in her face, accuses her of making a deal, makes her cry and sob like her world has ended?

At least Sawyer doesn't intimidate her. Kate can yell back, and push him around because she's not afraid to speak her mind.

Jack is like her daddy. Grounds her for acting up. Lectures her and says he doesn't have murder in his heart. Could the parallels not be more obvious? Daddy Austin is the good dad, and yet he refused her when she needed him most. Didn't save her and her mom, and didn't do anything other than turn his back on her and call the feds eventually. For her own good. Just like Jack makes decisions for her like the dynamite, or refusing to give her a gun, or ordering her to stay behind on a trek. Because Daddy Jack knows better. Shut your mouth little girl and do as I say, or I won't love you or accept you any more. It's for your own good.

Jack knows best. That is why his refusal to help her in the glass wall scene is to be applauded. His reducing her to a broken sobbing mess was 'heroic' and 'fiendishly clever'. Yeah, he treats her like shit yet again, and she just takes it. Because Jack is not being a jerk. No, he's playing the Others at their own game. Sawyer was never in any real danger. Jack knows best, and Kate should be kissing the glass in gratitude for his masterful playing. Because Jack's half-cocked plans always come up smelling like roses, right? /heavy sarcasm.

God I can't wait for kick ass, defiant and resourceful Kate to re-emerge and kick his whiny little holier than thou butt to the curb.

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