Tuesday, January 13, 2009




Unfortunately, technical problems are proving more complicated than I had anticipated and I'm currently running through all the options in an attempt to save the board we all know and love. In the meantime, Helena has graciously provided us all with a lovely pond away from pond so that's the place to hang for now. I will do my best to get us a permanent home before the premiere, either our old one, or a brand spanking new one.

If we needed any reminding, today's TV Guide cover made it clear why this is the face that has launched a thousand ship wars.

While Sawyer may have the signature line "I'm a complex guy, sweetheart", I think it's fairly safe to say that his beloved Kate has got him beat in that department. When it comes to playing roles and donning masks, this gal is a veritable chameleon. But who's the real Kate? One or all of her many incarnations?

Once upon a time she was Pyro!Kate:

She even had a brief stint at Blonde!Kate:

There was also Nostalgic!Kate who was bad for old boyfriends:

Cassidy!Kate who had mad connections:

Trial!Kate who faced up to her demons:

And Mommy!Kate who singlehandedly raised Aaron:

Then of course you have the Non!Kates. The saint names and other monikers (Har har!) that she adopted over the past four seasons.

The first one we met was Maggie:

Then there was Joan Hart, who also temped as a florist:

Who can forget Annie the bank robber?

And last but certainly not least, our sweet suburban "What You See Is What You Get" Monica.

Who showed up twice in our story! A few minor differences here and there. Monica 1.0 has straight hair, Monica 2.0 has curly. Monica 1.0 actually went through with the wedding, and....um, yeah, I got nothing. Too bad you're still having man trouble, sista.

Personally, I've always liked FRECKLES best. Our Island Kate. Wild, free, loyal, brave, ruthless, and equipped with just the right kind of skills you need to survive on Crazy!WTF!wasthatthesmokemonster?ACK!theOthersarecomingWherearewe?Whenarewe? Island.

And to round off this picspam, how about some sexy shots of the stunningly beautiful Evangeline Lilly. Just because she's so frakking purrty.

Only SEVEN more days until we see which face Kate will be wearing this season!


Anonymous said...

"Crazy!WTF!wasthatthesmokemonster?ACK!theOthersarecomingWherearewe?Whenarewe? Island."

Darlton should totally make this the Island's official name.

Freckles said...

Thank you for this entry Fish!Kate aw,Freckles.
I can't wait for our home:D

Susan said...

I’m glad we have a temporary home while you get the new and improved pond up and working. Aww, Kate, “the face that has launched a thousand ship wars”. :) I like Freckles the best too. I never noticed how Monica 1.0 and Monica 2.0 are the same on the phone. LOL.

One more week!


LostTvFan said...

Thanks Fish! Those four scenes of Monica and Monica 2.0 are stunning and can't be accidental. Once again what you see on screen is what you get and the Jaters totally missed the entire point of SNBH in their delusion over JIF. Freckles is the real Kate!

Isabelle said...

Brilliant Fish! Monica 1 and Monica 2 are virtually identical.

My fave kates are Freckles (of course) and What Kate Did FB kate.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how similar Monica 1.0 and 2.0 are. The evidence totally confirms it, they're so eerily similar. Good to take a step back to remind ourselves of the many faces of Kate and lol, the modern version of Helen of Troy indeed!


Anonymous said...

Kate actually went by Annie as her first alias, and Maggie in WTCMB, just btw. Other than that, awesome.