Monday, January 12, 2009




Sorry, nothing new to report yet on the status of the pond. But please stay tuned, check in every day and stay in touch as best you can in the comments section. We'll be back to normal soon.

OK, everybody, it's time to dig your brain out of the bottom of the Cheetos bag and start thinking again. Lost is not for slackers. You have to work if you want to enjoy this show. I'm guessing that you, like me, have forgotten a few things here and there along the highway to hiatus hell.

So if you'd like to head into this coming season with a fighting chance, it's time to hit the ... videos.

Cause no one wants to work that hard. Not even for Lost.

I've seen a number of video recaps around the web that help in this daunting project, such as this one by sed112986 that hits all the high spots (and seems to have a very good grasp of which romantic moments in Season Four were recap worthy and which weren't.)

However I think this very handsome set of video recaps put together by SL-LOST is a great way to brush up on any Lost topics where you feel you might be lacking. The videos, entitled "In Preparation for Season 5" are all excellent and feature subjects like THE ISLAND, THE DHARMA INITIATIVE, cast interviews (sadly, no Josh, but hey! NAVEEN!) and a topic I think is underappreciated - THE MUSICAL SCORE.

I liked his one, entitled CONNECTIONS :

Interesting to note which characters are closely connected (*cough* Kate and Sawyer *cough*) and which are .... not.

What are you doing to rehabilitate your mind to prepare for the new season? Anyone know of any other good ways to refresh and recharge the brain cells? Y'all best get to work. Only EIGHT days to go!


Anonymous said...

Heather's made us a temporary pond! Just go to

and register. And then come back and read the Day 8 post!


Anonymous said...

NEW TEMPORARY POND IS HERE: (courtesey of Helena)


Susan said...

Thanks for the temporary pond, Heather and Helena.

I love the videos, Fish. Nice to see the important romantic scenes, and how certain characters are connected, whether it's by coincidence, or fate. :)


Anne said...

Wow that season four recap had me tearing up. I loved the music, it was really epic. Thanks Fish for helping raise the anticipation for this new season. I shall check out the other refreshers later.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Heather and Helena for the temp digs.

And thanks for countdown Fish. I really liked the little video about all the connections.

Freckles said...

Thank you Heather and Helena for the temporary pond!Just registered.

I can't beliebt it's just eight days.

Anonymous said...

This entry was awesome! I love all the videos :D

Miss our pond :(