Sunday, January 11, 2009

DAY 10


Yay, Fish! We've made it through the ultimate hiatus from hell and the premiere of Lost Season Five is barreling down on us now like a runaway train. We need to get our brains in gear for what looks like the biggest mind frak of a season we've had yet. So, from now until January 21, to help you make it through these last nail biting days, you can check in here each day for our Second Annual Lost Premiere Countdown!

To kick it all off, let's get straight to the crux of the matter. Lost is about a lot of things, but just to keep things straight, this whacky little ditty reminds us that it's mostly about:

(plus a couple of other people)

And there's no Sawyer like Shirtless Sawyer! We've been promised a full HOUR of the most famous chest on TV for the premiere, so why not start our annual countdown with a mini countdown of The Best of Shirtless Sawyer. Obviously we fans of Sawyer (and of the magnificent, adorable Josh Holloway) suffer from an embarrassment of riches, so just remember this is only one fan's humble opinion.

And now, for your viewing pleasure and to whet your appetite for The Season of Sawyer, I present to you:


No. 10

No. 9

No. 8

No. 7

No. 6

No. 5

No. 4

No. 3

No. 2

No. 1

I had to make a lot of hard decisions here, fish, so if you've got a better List of Shirtless Glory (and I'm sure you do) then post them up at the forum and we can compare.

And come back tomorrow for Day 9 of the Countdown!


shar said...

Love shirtless Sawyer!! Can't wait to see the rest of the countdown and the recaps. Thanks!!

Freckles said...

Thank you so much Fish!Shirless Sawyer:D
And finally the countdown!YAY!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making my day Fish! :D Number 5 is my constant! The look, the hair, even that bandage looks hot on him. *stares at pic*

One more thing, I'm going to snatch the countdown thingie for my lj account, it's awesome.

- Caprica

Anonymous said...

Niiice. They're all fabulous of course, but #8 really does it for me. Maybe because I'd like to be the one tuggin' that towel... off. ;)


Anne said...

What a lovely present Fish. I think I love the bamboo cutting one best. But Sawyer looks good in all of them. Even with a shirt on! Like that delicious black shirt from season one.

I can't wait to see what else you have in store for the countdown.

Lynn said...

Damn, I really can't wait for the premiere now! 10 days seems so short though! Loved the top 10 shirtless Sawyer/Josh pics, I'd have chosen almost all the same myself. But any shirtless Sawyer is definitely a good thing!

Susan said...

Thanks, Fish! Shirtless Sawyer is always a beautiful sight. What a great way to start the countdown! :)

Anonymous said...

I started drooling at #10 and was like a 6th grade girl by #1. This guy has it all. I am definitely T-vo-ing next week's premiere for more drool material! Thanks for the thrills.