Thursday, January 15, 2009




With just a little bit of luck, our good old pond will be up and running again by this time tomorrow, Geese! Check back here for flying instructions and the whole long story.

At this point in the countdown, with all the added stress of a message board meltdown, I'm running out of words. And that's really ok. Because today's countdown subject doesn't need many words. It transcends words. I thought it would be fun to just see it all here in one place: the part of Lost that most tugs at our hearts and butterflies our stomachs -

Sawyer and Kate

and the story that, believe it or not, is only just beginning to hit its stride.

It started with the kiss (and that soft, deep groan) heard round the world:

And then came the scene J.J. Abrams himself personally identified as his favorite from the first season:

Absence made the heart grow fonder:

There was true friendship, the kind without judgment:

There was sweetness:

And grand drama:

And tender, passionate love:

Another separation healed with wordless, unconditional love:

And a truly epic parting of star crossed lovers:

That wasn't really such a parting after all:

Can you believe it? Only FIVE days to more SKATE!!!!


Freckles said...

Oh thank you Fish for this beautiful entry just for Skate and their epic love story.
And yay for our pond!!:D

Anonymous said...

It's so good to see all our favorite Skatey moments in one place. Thanks Fishbiscuit... and it's good to know we're nearly home again too!

Lynn said...

Lovely videos! It's great going back looking at all the fantastic scenes Sawyer & Kate have shared.

So excited for the board to be up & running! Thanks for all your hard work :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful entry. That hug, that fabulous hug, gets me every time. The look on his face when he first sees Kate just breaks my heart. And Kate can't believe she's back in the arms of her Sawyer. Wonderful.

Great new about the pond. You'll need a vacation when all this is over. ;)


MJNuts said...

Only 5 days to go!!! Thought the waiting would never be over!

Anonymous said...

Awww this entry got me all emotional, I miss those 2 crazy kids ;______;


Anonymous said...

So many beautiful memories... Thanks, Fish!