Friday, January 16, 2009




No worries, everything's going fine with the rebuild, but unfortunately it will be a few more hours until Fishbiscuitland comes back out of the mist. In the meantime, please listen to me: DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN TO OUR OLD BOARD. This is crucial. People trying to log in to the old board using their old passwords can disrupt the recovery process that the board is currently undergoing. So PLEASE be patient, hang in there, and wait for an announcement here or at Helena's backup board. We're getting there. I promise.

Hey, it's the weekend. After a week like this, ya gotta laugh a little. Here's the S4 Finale Review from the most excellent comedian in all of Lostland, Her Greatness, ACK ATTACK. Ack's exquisite recaps will also be posted at TVGasm this season, so no excuse to miss a one of them.

Take some time to laugh your ass off and remember....Only FIVE more days until Ack gets new material!


Anonymous said...

I'm probably in the minority here but her recaps just end up giving me a headache...

Anonymous said...

They make my face hurt from laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten how much I love Ack. Hilarious stuff. From her S4 finale recap, Sayid:
"Every finale, we let Jack think he’s off saving everyone, but while he goes off and fraks everything up, I actually come in and get it done. Big Time.” As Ack may say.... lolol.