Sunday, January 20, 2008


Our new home is finally ready. All you have to do is register again here:

NB: Please note: You have to register before you can log on to post, since this is a new site. If you have ANY problems you can email me at: fishbiscuitland at You'll find a link to the old forum in a global post called Links at the top of every thread at the new forum.

REMINDER: Please bookmark the back-up forum in case of any potential issues in the future. Let's hope we won't be going down that road anytime soon though! To give you an initial idea of what we have in store, our upgrade is sorta like the equivalent of going...

See? As long as Cactus appears to be happy and excited, I'm sure everyone else will be too. It will take a little bit of navigating to get used to, but you'll be swimming along in storm-free waters in no time, I assure you!

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