Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The brand new season of Lost is bound to contain a wealth of things we can't imagine or predict. There's a freighter anchored offshore, bringing new characters to the island. The term "time zones" will take on a whole new meaning when we're trying to figure out if what we're seeing is in the past or in the future. We still have no idea where that temple is all about, and we may not find out unless they hurry up and cancel Cane. And as for Jacob, the term "wild card" definitely comes to mind.

With all the things we don't know, there are a few things we can pretty much count on:

  • There will be violence.
  • There will be mud.
  • There will be jears.
  • There will be Skate!

There will be flirty Skate scenes, angsty Skate scenes, sad or angry Skate scenes and sexy Skate scenes. And there will be kisses. MORE Skate kisses! We've already had enough to make a "Top Ten Skate Kisses" list and had to leave some off! Hmmm... let's revisit that list, just to pass a little time and put us in a Skatey kind of mood.

Top Ten Skate Kisses

Thanks to Jackhasnochance for the video. (cute name!)

Let's count down the highlights:

#10 - The First Sawyer Cage Kiss


#9 - The Sawyer Lowers Kate to the Floor While She Looks at Him in Bliss Kiss


#8 - The Let's Get You Out of That Shirt Kiss

I like that one. I would have voted it higher.

#7 - The Shut Up and Don't Talk Kiss


#6 - The Sweaty but Romantic in Chaingangland Kiss

Poor Kate. She looked like she was about to drop with exhaustion.

But this man loves her... completely.

So he came up with a plan.

He knew it would earn him a beating,

But his girl needed a pick-me-up, so...


"Worth it."

Love that sequence, and Sawyer kicking ass afterwards too.

#5 - The First Kate Initiated Kiss

Pain and confusion, but she didn't run from Sawyer like she did from Jack. Instead, she leaned against him, wanted his arms around her, wanted him close.

I love the way they paralleled the Jate kiss in the set-up, but had her react completely differently with Sawyer.

#4 - The Don't Come Up for Air while I Push You Against the Bars Kiss

Also known in some quarters as the Swirl of Love.

Such a gentleman, making sure her back didn't hit the iron bars.

Convenient avi-sized animation:

#3 - The Look at Their Smiling Faces Kiss

Afterglow... gotta love it.

#2 - The Tied to a Tree in the Jungle of Mystery Kiss

The kiss that started it all. No surprise it won EW's award for "Best Screen Kiss of the Year for 2005".

I think it's safe to say that kiss left them both shaken and stirred... and the audience wanting MORE!

#1 - The "Yes, Dumbass, I Love You" Kiss... because she does!

Love that scene. Sawyer wants to know if Kate loves him, and waiting for her answer wasn't easy. Her response reminded me of that Mo-Town Song, It's in His Kiss. "If you want to know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss." In this case, Kate's answer is in her smile as she's snuggled on his chest beforehand, and in the way she looks deeply into his eyes, and in her kiss, and in the small playful kisses afterward, and of course, in the way she laid a kiss on his chest before snuggling right back down into her perfect spot. If that's not enough, it's in the episode title too. :)


LostTvFan said...

WOW Fish, new digs for the Journal too! I like the new graphics! Almost down to a week to go and what a heart warming walk down memory lane. What lucky shippers Skaters are.....look at all those kisses and MORE to come. Bring on 4.04 and all the sexy, angsty goodness that has defined our 'beautiful mess' since S1.

Britas said...

welcome to blogger, very nice list as well! lovely to relive :).

lyly ford said...

you start a blog too :) great fish ^^ i'll add your blog in my friends address :)
the post coital scene is one of my fav skate scene but their second kiss is my fav anyway ! god i dreamt it during 5 months lol it's special for me^^

Tati said...


GOD!!!!!!!!those kisses....and all start with one little kiss

aprilshowers said...

Sweet! Another new pond for us to swim in.

Wonderful caps that illustrate how much our couple love each other. Must say I'm especially partial to the chaingangland smooch. Sawyer was so defiant, strode up to Kate and layed one on her. I could use that kind of rest and relaxation myself.

Anonymous said...

Wow, new site, new blogger host. Moving on up like George and Weezie there, Fish. ;-) Cool.

Zoriah said...

I love the new digs! Very classy and easy to navigate. Just the way I like it. Thanks for the countdown, it's fun looking back at the past few years.


GoDennyHamlin said...

Love the countdown! All those wonderful, HOT kisses... How can anyone not love this couple?

Morcegos no Sótão said...

Can't believe that kiss from The Brig scored so high... It wasn't that

Ah, but still an awesome list to bring the skateness in me forward!8)

MJNuts (more known in Skatey-town as nirkynuts)