Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We're almost there - yippee!

For today, let's take a look back at the beginning of last season. We went in with no particular expectations, but we got an amazing run of episodes for Skate. I feel a little pic spam coming on. :)

Our lovely couple illustrated more Lost articles than any other in the period leading up to the premiere.

And then the season started, and we got an avalanche of amazing scenes.

Starting with the biggies, remember this?

And hey, what about this?

And of course, who could forget this - the love scene we feared we might never see, let alone in the first six episodes?

Followed, no less, by this.

And oh yeah, this too.

This part still gives me chills.

Here's another one that speaks for itself.

And last but not least in the biggie category, how's this for a damn hug? Does any other couple on Lost have a hug scene that lasts five frakkin' minutes, with its own instrumental theme? Didn't think so.

And lest we overlook the smaller moments in all the jaw-droppingly gorgeous ones, let's take a gander at a few of those as well.
Our first Skate of the season - and quite possibly the cutest sharing of not-meant-for-humans food ever to be broadcast.

Strawberries and fishbiscuits? The sexiest flavors in the world.

Kate and Sawyer can't even stop making eyes at each other inside Locke's head. Dream flirting, folks! Can it get any more canon than that? I maintain that it can not.

Even our comic relief is sexy!!

This one's just pretty.

Say it with me. Awwww.

We should never discount the beauty of the angst.

Or the goofiness, either.

Plus, we've got longing glances out the wazoo...

And the most perfect symbolism imaginable, whether together.....

Or apart.

Only two days to go until Skate is back!!!


LostTvFan said...

Best countdown post so far Fish. Has any couple ever had more beautifully filmed scenes in the history of television? That's what epic looks like, that's what love looks like, that's what OTP looks like and it's all ours and all CANON. One day to more Skate, more Lost and I am sure more beautiful screen caps of our lovely outlaws.

Dezdemona said...

Such a pleasure to see all those lovely caps together. Thanks!Skate are just electric to watch. I can't wait to see where "our" couple will go from here!