Monday, January 7, 2008


The recent free-for-all on the boards regarding episode 4 has prompted me to step in here. One of the advantages of the fame (or notoriety, if you will) of this forum is that occasionally I am the lucky beneficiary of friends who choose to keep me very slightly in the loop when it comes to spoilers. I never solicit them. And I never share them or hint at them, for one very good reason. I am asked not to. I don't approve of hints or teases. So I've never dealt in those and will likely never do it again....

...Except, just for today, just this once, in light of the extenuating circumstances, regarding the already infamous Episode 4.04, the trustiest of sources has asked me to pass this on:

Relax. Enjoy. Honk to your heart's content. The train we've been riding is still on track. And if the Jaters like the train they've been riding, then they can stay on that track as well.
This is Lost. No one will go away empty handed. No one will be completely happy. And the Triangle we love to hate will live on to frustrate us all another day.

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