Thursday, May 24, 2007

Take the Red or Blue Pill, Jack? Finale Post-Mortem

I may have been completely spoiled for the finale, but it still managed to be one hell of a ride.

We now have definitive proof that Jate sure ain't Fate. Jack looking like a Una-bomber wannabe was amusing as all get out. What was his big mistake? What have they been lying about in the FF? Whose funeral was it? R.I.P. Charlie Pace, you done good. Skate angst = complications galore to take us through next season. Jacket kiss leaves Jack with a goofy smile. "Because I love you" - random, dude, but thanks for sticking up for Sawyer. Hurley, Sawyer and Sayid kicking Other ass. So much to digest. Who was Ben warning about? Is rescue really coming or something more sinister? WAAAAAALT!

Rose: "If you say Live Together, Die Alone one more time, I'm gonna punch you in the face." Best. Line. Ever.

So, what were the highlights, the lowlights, the hmmm interesting parts for you?

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