Thursday, May 17, 2007

Caption Contest!

Okay, so maybe I'll be crying into my beer and cheetos with the rest of the pessimists by the time the finale draws to a close. But seriously, right now, I'm not the least bit concerned about Jack finally possibly ponying up to Kate.
I mean, look at what people are ranting over:
Jack's overwhelmingly romantic 'I love you face':

Kate's shockingly emotive reaction to the news?:

This is it, this is their big moment? Call me an optimist but this looks like much ado about nothing. I guess we'll see for sure come next Wednesday night. It really begs for a caption competition, doesn't it? Thanks to Lyly Ford for the caps, and LF for giving me the idea.

So, let's hear the scintillating dialogue for this upcoming epic scene.

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