Monday, May 28, 2007

Now we wait...

The long hiatus is upon us. *sniffle* Eight months until we find out anything more about our beloved and not-so-beloved Losties. Eight months until we discover how Jack's plan fails spectacularly and miserably once again. Eight months until we see Sawyer without a shirt on. Eight excruciatingly long frakking months. Why, I'm gonna have to take up a new hobby like learning to tie flies, or rereading all the Harry Potters before the last one arrives in July. Snape better not die or there will be hell and damnation to pay, I tell ya.

The finale left enough questions to make my head spin like a scene out of the Exorcist, but the one that's bugging me the most is who's the "he" Kate's with in the future? My first thought was Sawyer, of course, but what would they be doing in LA? Did Oceanic give them some giant financial settlement? Did Hurley set up trust funds for all the Losties who made it off island? Or is Kate with someone else who has money? (At least we all know that "he" isn't Jack. Thank the island gods for that!) Kate has a volvo, she's flush and looking like a million dollars compared to her wild curly wind-blown natural look on island. So what gives? Is Widmore Industries the new Dharma and paying her to keep her mouth shut on what really happened? Is "he" someone she's in a relationship with, or is there something more sinister afoot?

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