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Drunkards, Flashforwards, and Rescues Oh My...

Well, all you spoiler-whores -hounds out there are probably going mad with the buzz over the latest air-drop of Finale spoilers from above. Who's this Lostfan108? And how come someone called Smokemonster posted the synopsis first? How come AICN took down Smokemonster's post and subsequent comments? How come DarkUFO posted the same synopsis but with the author being Lostfan108 who allegedly emailed him? How come DocArzt from the Tailsection is now railing so publicly about it, lending weight to its validity?
Could this be for real? Or are we the victims of the most elaborate, ingenious and memorable Lost Finale foiler or Producer sanctioned fake-out to date?
For those who don't care if they are spoiled out the wazoo here is a link to the spoiler/foilers in question:


There are some big inconsistencies and holes in these synopses, but also a lot of plausible stuff too. I'm not exactly freaking out about the implications, although I suspect a lot of fan-boys are creaming themselves over it.
The best part? Jack as a suicidal, drug addicted, thieving, stalking drunk. STILL yelling at Kate. And Kate blowing him off big time. Might be worth it just to watch that part.

For comparison, here's last year's big finale foiler that had everyone freaking. Same guy? Similar timing? Who knows.

Foiler poster: Got this from a friend that is usually right. Joined this forum to share it. Take it for what you wanta take it for.

Survivors think they are being rescued when they see the boat.Jack swims out to the boat. Desmond is inside the bunker.
They bring him ashore.
Desmond has tons of booze with him. And a dark secret.Jack asks him where he was, what he did....During the 23 days he was gone, Desmond managed to fix his sailboat and sail off the island. Jack asks him what he isn't telling them.
We get FLASHBACKS of Desmond's life before the island, and when he first crashed there. Notable points here would be that Desmond was married to a girl named Penny, Libby was married to Charles Widmore, and Desmond borrowed Libby's boat for 200 grand for his race around the world.Desmond also made the glow-in-the-dark map in the hatch. And Kelvin is, or was, the twin of a certain Joe Inamn, CIA man from Sayid's flashbacks. We see Kelvin drag Desmond to the hatch, type in the button, show Desmond the film, and Desmond begins pushing the button as well.
Present day,At night Jack and Sayid come up with a plan involving Desmond's boat.Desmond disappears off into the jungle, heading for the hatch.
The next day, Jack and gang load up to go.The 5 survivors depart. Charlie tells Hurley good luck.Michael leads them off.
In the hatch,Eko continues to push the button.Locke enters and they talk.Locke laughs that he still pushes the button.Eko says he is a man of faith.
Jack Kate Michael Sawyer and Hurley make their way though the jungle.They begin to pass though what Hurley says is the Dark Territory.There are MANY fallen trees around them.
They camp for the night. Michael talks about how these people have harmed the survivors, particularly the 5 of them. Killed Shannon Libby, etc. etc.
Locke and Eko are having their discussion in the hatch. Locke argues with Eko on how he thought this place was destinty, that the island built him up just to knock him down, it is all an experiment.Locke tells him he plans to see what happens when the button reaches zero once and for all. He wants to make sure he is right. Eko doesn't agree with this.
Desmond reaches the hatch and talks with Locke and Eko inside. He seems pissed.Asks Locke if he continued to push the button. Locke says yes.Desmond doesn't believe that Locke pushed it.
Atop one of the hills, Jack and gang find a big pile of tubes from the Pearl hatch.
Michael tells them they aren't far now and gotta keep going.He leads them to the the spot where Zeke and The Others captured him.
THE WHISPERING RETURNS.They begin to hear whispering.LOTS of it this time.
Jack yells out that it's a trap when he spots one of them in the trees.They all open fire on, it would seem they are surrounded.
There is another lockdown inside the hatch. We don't know why, but could this be some sort of final test?Locke is trapped inside the Geodome with Desmond. Eko is locked out.Eko yells at Locke that he can't let the timer reach zero, but Locke has other ideas.The timer is at 107 minutes.
Bernard talks with Claire and the baby, inquiring on what the vaccine is for. Claire explains to him, they bond.
Sayid talks with Jin and Sun. He formulates a plan with Jin. Sun translates for him. Jin understands.
Eko seeks Charlie's help on the situation in the hatch.He rushes to the beach and tells him they need to go gather the dynamite Charlie knows where it is.
In the Hatch, Desmond and Locke argue about the button. Locke tells Desmond the button is not real, that it was all an experiment of the Dharma Initiative. Desmond screams at him "Don't tell me it isn't real!"Desmond tells Locke that he sailed away from the island.He was going to get them all rescued.But that when he reached land, he discoveredTHERE WAS NO HUMANITY left.Desmond says that the entire world was not there. There was absolutely nothing. He believes that the button is to blame, calling back to what the original Dharma film said. Locke is shaken by this, but thinks Desmond is crazy.The timer is at 43 minutes by now.
Eko and Charlie gather dynamite from the stash and run to the hatch. Eko plans to blow the blast door. Charlie thinks he's off his rocker.Eko believes Desmond that the timer DOES do something when it reaches zero.
MeanwhileJack and gang are all been captured by The Others.They are being led back to the village.
Jin and Sayid have taken Desmond's boat and followed Rousseau's map along the shoreline to where Sayid believes could be the location of The Others. They spot the giant rock with the hole in it.
Sayid sneaks up along the rocks with his gun, Jin trails him.To make it short, they interrupt the party and attack The Others.A fight ensues.Sawyer fights Zeke, and rips his fake beard off. Gives a funny quip here.SAYID IS SHOT, straight in the chest and falls back into the water.
As chaos ensues in the camp, Michael sneaks up to the door in the cliff. There's a Dharma symbol resembling just a door. One of the guards guarding is shot. Michael enters in and closes it behind him.
Inside this room is the BIG reveal.
Back at the hatch,The timer is at 23 minutes.
Eko and Charlie enter in with the dynamite. Set it.
Locke and Desmond argue inside as the timer reaches 15 minutes, 8 minutes, 4 minutes. The beeping starts up real loud.
Eko blows the blast doors; Charlie is knocked against the cement wall unconscious.
Eko runs in to push the button before the time runs out.Locke has knocked Desmond out unconscious with Eko's Jesus stick.Locke and Eko come to fists.
Locke beats Eko to the ground. He takes the stick and SMASHES THE COMPUTER.It's busted. So now there's no stopping the timer.
At the Others camp, Jack Kate Sawyer and Hurley seem to have overpowered The Others.
Inside The Door.Michael finds Walt in here, but is confronted by the FAKE HENRY GALE.Fenry tells Michael everything about what he is seeing right now, I won't tell you this as I don't want to spoil this surprise at least. But it involvers 3 other people, the plane crash, Hanso, and a key. There's a SINGLE monitoring TV inside this room as well. It's a monitor for Station 3. Fenry tells Michael that he needs leave the island now if he wants to escape with Walt. The boat is ready for him in a back exit.
The Timer at the hatch reaches ZERO.
Something DOES happen.
What is it?? You'll see.
And so does Michael and Walt as they escape the island with the boat, leaving everyone else behind.
If you are to believe Desmond, they will find nothing else left

And finally, because I can't resist a guffaw at Jack's expense... Here's another snarky comment and animation from the talented AliceKarben:

"I'm seeing, just in the very last scene of Lost Finale, all losties being rescued by Naomi's ship, and then something rises up from the deepest sea to scare all survivors.
More terrible than a faux-jack, more scary than Jacobra, he's the Furious JACKNESSY, coming to destroy the ship !!!!!"

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