Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Big Insiderscoop

Well guys, read at your own peril. This looks to be a huge episode for our Sawyer. Some of you may already be wanting to rant and rave about it. So have at it.

Insiderscoop's Synopsis of The Brig (Warning Major Spoilers)

I'm reserving final judgment until I've seen the whole thing but dang, it sounds intense and as dark as the abyss they call my soul (TM Smallville). Sawyer sure ain't redeemed yet. Locke's a frakkin' coward. Kate's an oathbreaker. Jack's still constipated with his trust. Are we in hell yet?

Looks like Sawyer's gonna be in the thick of the main plot right until the end at least. That's a plus. Still, looks like Jacksus will eventually pull an almighty plan out of his hairy chimp ass to prove he's gonna save them after all. *insert extreme rolling of eyes*. Do these writers have any testes at all?

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