Thursday, May 31, 2007

Smells Fishy to Me

As you all know, I call myself **mod edit**-biscuit, and my journal **mod edit**-biscuitland is open to all who want to post here, some taking the name **mod edit** bitch with pride. It's come to my attention that the word **mod edit** has recently been bandied about in certain forums. And for some unknown reason sparked a bout of mod retaliation. Pretty darn amusing. I mean don't these mods have better things to do with their time? Apparently you can't type **mod edit** anymore, or **mod edit**-biscuit. It's become heretical. Even trying to be passive aggressive and type how much you hate **mod edit** and how it doesn't taste good or how **mod edit** stinks, or you dislike going **mod edit**-ing brings out the swinging axes of censorship. But rejoice my friends and foes, you can always use cod, or haddock or even the humble sardine if you must mention me in sekrit code. It's rather flattering that I have become She Who Must Not Be Named in certain circles.

Oh, and for your information. **mod edit** is brain food.

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