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Hear ye! Hear ye! The results of Kristin's annual Tater Tops poll are in and looks like Lost swept the competition away! No longer do we have to rely on Krystal from the Fuse to tell us what "all" the fans in the world want to see on TV - or on Lost. In a competition open equally to all the fans on the great worldwide internets, a clear and present winner has emerged.

Now, of course, we aren't silly enough to think this represents the wishes of ALL Lost fans. Or ALL tv fans. But considering the size and popularity of Kristin's site, it does give a far more accurate measure of fan wishes and hopes and dreams and preferences than anything else we've got to go on.

Before we dive in with the results here, and before any sore losers start honking around the boards that this was a cheater's poll, let's let Kristin speak for herself.

Kristin Veitch Sep 4 07, 12:31 PM
34.Korbi, thank you for saying what I wanted to say (but feared I might conjure up more wrath and/or rotten tomatoes my way)! These awards were based on the nominations and votes YOU users sent in, from top to bottom. We also used a filter that prevented people from rigging the results by voting multiple times (as we fear may have happened for SOS--which sadly, was out of our control). I know it's hard when the show you love doesn't win, but Damon and Carlton and the rest of the Losties work their ***** off on what many people believe to be the best show on television, and since LOST was shut out of the major categories at Emmys this year and all those other shows we so love will get love next Sunday, could we pretty please try to play nice and keep the bitterness to a minimum? I think they deserve that (and some of them do read this section from time to time, fyi). If you aren't happy, I feel for you, I do, but it's best to stay positive and start rallying your troops for next yr!


So let's see who won!

Let's kick it off with this fun little side award:

Lover with Whom Kristin Should Have a Torrid Affair:

Not that anyone's advocating adultery here, but ... hey, Kristin's only human. And you do only go around once.

In the category of Best Baddie, queasy, sleezy Ben slithered into first place, beating out even the dark lord Sylar:

Best Tearjerker:

The death of fan beloved Charlie was signaled early on in the season but handled with great care and lots of pathos. We'll miss you Charlie, you were a true hero.

Best Shocker:

Even though it was spoiled well before the season finale aired, the use of a flash forward instead of a flash back was still one of those WTF moments that kept Lost viewers on the edge of their seats and the critics raving.

Best Line:

"If you say 'live together, die alone' to me, Jack, I'm going to punch you in your face!"

How is it possible that a line dissing Jack's signature platitude, and telling Jack to STFU gets to win this category? Because it's funny, it's to the point and it reflects the changing attitudes on the show towards our self-appointed leader.

Best Show of Skin:

Shock! Horror! How could pig porn win?! What a travesty! How dare they acknowledge that disgusting rolling around in the dirt in broad daylight in any way. And to think - 77% of fans thought this smoking scene was the best of the year! Let's see the pigs compete with that!

Best Kiss:

Like something out of Indiana Jones, or Gone with the Wind, this kiss was pure cinematic magic. Love that wicked little tongue, Kate. Too bad Jack and Kate didn't win. Oh wait, they never had a kiss this season...oops....This kiss got the win with 53% of all votes, against some really tough competition.

Best Chemistry:

Now this was a tough one. The only place in the voting where Jaters and Skaters got a chance to go mano a mano. Would it be close?

Would it be a contest?


As in years past, this one was a no-brainer and as expected, TV's hottest couple took this one walking away - with 71%!!!! of the total vote. I guess the dregs of society are larger in number than Flyer ever imagined. Maybe she should get to planning a purge to save us all from thinking that Sawyer and Kate are the IT couple of TV at the moment and the OTP of Lost.
Now let's be fair, here. It's not as if Jack and Kate came up totally empty. They did ok. I mean they weren't quite dead last. And they did get...uh, 7% of the vote. That's deserving of some kind of acknowledgment, isn't it? No one can say we aren't gracious winners, so we'd like to do Kristin one better and give our good friends the award they so richly deserve...so, in honor of the loving nickname our kind friends have given us, we hereby return the favor by awarding them our very first Golden Goose Award!

The message here is loud and clear for Darlton. And there's only one little detail left for them to take care of. That would be sending the Godforsaken Love Polygon You're So Over to the scrap heap of TV history, where this loathesome storyline belongs...Another winner by another scandalously unbalanced percentage (68%)

How many ships can you find in this quartet? Looks like the choice is between two exciting, crowd pleasing love stories ... or a 7% loser that leaves two of TV's hottest properties as single-o spare parts. Come on, Darlton! Nobody's that dumb!

For this amazing cast, the award of Best Ensemble:

And how sweet that is coming off a year when Steve McPherson's little pet stopped swallowing the show and let this magnificent cast run with the story again, the way it was in the beginning and hopefully will always be from now on.

And the award that makes us proudest, Best Drama:

Even though it had a mediocre directionless season 2, Lost managed to pull itself out of the creative doldrums in season 3 and give us some top notch television. Sawyer and Kate's rocky romance, Ben and Juliet's Machiavellian maneuvers, Desmond's burden as seer, Charlie's sacrifice, Jack's halo becoming severely tarnished, and the finale's fleeting glimpse of the future definitely raised the bar in terms of quality scripted entertainment.

So, Congratulations Skaters! But to be fair, we couldn't have done this by ourselves. Isn't it even sweeter knowing that the vast worldwide general audience is out there thinking with the same brain we are? This is what we call a decisive...an uncontested... a crushing VICTORY! And no, we're not surprised. It's only confirming what has long been painfully obvious. But it does go a long way to make up for being slimed by those 7% Bitteristas as pig porn loving morally degenerate dregs of humanity ... don't it?

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