Monday, September 10, 2007


Our good friend, Dark UFO, who has created the most comprehensive and entertaining Lost fan board on the Internet, has come up with a truly stellar game that every single Lost fan can enjoy once the season starts. It's called the Dark UFO Fantasy League and I urge you all to run over and register for it HERE

You pick seven characters from seven groupings and during the season you will gain and lose points according to events that involve the characters you've picked. It's quite a challenge of your Lost knowledge, your understanding of the characters and your forecasting talents. It also makes watching the show an even more fun, interactive experience. And apparently there will even be prizes!

So run, don't walk, over to Dark UFO and get your submissions in while there's still time. Once true spoilers start rolling in, Dark will be forced to close down registration. So don't procrastinate...This kind of game reminds us that Lost is never about only one character or one ship. Believe it or not - it can also be just plain old FUN!

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