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Will the REAL DocLover please stand up?

Well, well, well! Our very own DocLover got her 15 minutes of fame last week when Damon & Carlton, incredibly, in one of the all time great coincidental moments of Lost fandom history, called to chat her up! Out of all the gin joints in all the world, they telephoned into the living room of one of the looniest, most out-of-control Jateaholics in the entire Northern hemisphere.

That's right. It was in fact THE DocLover, prolific ABC/Fuse poster extraordinaire, who was broadcast on the Q&A podcast that the boy wonders used to break their radio silence. It was a really cool podcast, actually, and we got lots of interesting tidbits out of it. Among other things, we learned that -

- The question of Kate's pregnancy will be settled early in the season.

- The future with stumbledrunk oxy-coked Jack is in fact set in stone.

- His beard will be an important recurring character in Season Four.

- Jack and Kate were "on the outs" in the future

- Juliet is everyone's new darling.

- Dead people are really dead.

- Nobody knows what to do about Richard since Nestor Carbonell bailed on the show.


- Yes, we will still have to sit through more Jack & Kate, in some form, in episodes to come.

Doc got all the goods on that for us and freely spread the love to any askers :

My first one was "As far as the dreaded triangle, have you had a definite plan for who Kate ends up with between Jack and Sawyer or are you basically playing it by ear and listening to the audience and their feedback and things that get said on the internet & the internet polls etc.??

Carleton was like "What's the internet?" Then they both asked me "First of all are you a Jater or a Skater?" and I said, "I am a die-hard Jater!" Then they replied "Well, one of us is a Skater and one of us is Jater, but we're not telling you which one is which." (Like I didn't know). Then they said that they have had a definite plan for Kate and ????? since the beginning. It is something they sat down and discussed together and they reached a mutual agreement. (However, they wouldn't tell me who!!)
Ok, Doc was a little excited. We can forgive her for adding on her own personal spin there (for example, "die-hard" was really "big-time"), since all you have to do is push the play button to hear that Darlton never said anything about meeting in the beginning or sitting down to discuss and reach a mutual agreement. It was more like (caution: actual verbatim quote coming):

"We’ve both agreed on who she’s ultimately going to end up with. But that doesn’t..."

At which point the genius DocLover interrupted them!...because she had to ask some lame question about those internet polls that don't mean anything that have nonetheless been keeping the Jaters awake nights with anxiety attacks.

And there was a whole bunch more, which you can listen to for yourselves, capped off by this generic bit of shipper slop (apologies in advance again for the actual verbatim quote):

Please know that it’s certainly not a resolved situation by any means. There’s many more chapters of the story to come. The ff between Jack and Kate is not by any means the end of the show. It does happen in the future when they get off the island. There is still a whole lot of story to tell beyond that. Though things look grim for them, there is more to come.
Which translated to Doc singing her new chorus:

As far as Jack and Kate, there is so much left to their story and they said that is not over by any means. There is so much left to be told.
Which, you know, is not exactly what they, at all...but that's cool. She was happy. She was freaking out. We understand that. After all, she's a fan. A "big-time Jater" being called by her two heroes. In her own words she was just awestruck and humbled to be chosen (incredibly!) out of all the freaking people they could have called!

It was so incredibly great to be talking to those two amazing men!!
But wait! Were these the same two men Doc was referring to on the ABC boards back in November 2006?

Posted: Nov 01 @ 07:19 PM
by: 1DocLover (2329 Posts in the last 90 days) Registered: Mar 19, 2005

I hope she catches his S.T.D!!! I am pissed. And I'm sure alot of people are too. What a freakin' way to give it away - in the freakin preview for next week!!! Screw that and screw Kate!! Sorry Ness, I am really mad right now. I think TPTB royally screwed us over and royally screwed up with this one!!!
This fan thing, this "big-time" thing, seems to be a very flexible concept for DaffyDoc. Maybe just for fun we could jump into the wayback machine and listen to some of this "big-time" fan's greatest hits, some golden oldies from the days when Doc was cursing a blue streak about this Kate character she loves so much and those "amazing men" whose butts she was so ecstatically kissing in that phone call.

Posted: Nov 01 @ 07:06 PM

I'm sorry to say this, but after seeing next weeks previews, I think it's safe to say................................



Posted: Nov 01 @ 07:12 PM

Kate is a slut!!!

Posted: Nov 01 @ 07:13 PM

Kate should die next!!! or go back to her home on Whore Island!!!

Posted: Nov 01 @ 07:29 PM

I'm done "KEEPING THE FAITH" only to have this crap thrown in my face week after week. So I hope they are happy together and save lots of money for their prescriptions to treat all their skank diseases they'll catch from each other. I'm sorry, but I am pissed.

TWO YEARS OF Kate flirting her a$$ off like a girl in high school - all over Jack, and all of us making our theories of LOVE and "Jate is Fate", and all that. I had the faith, trust me. I have been flamed a million times for my defense of Jate. I won't do it anymore. TPTB messed up big with this one.

I am officially OVER JATE!!!! But Vanessa, I will still come look for you.

I am so very unhappy right now. (in case you couldn't tell).


Posted: Nov 02 @ 10:53 AM

TPTB screwed up royally, as far as I'm concerned. They built Jate up for two seasons, and shoved Skate down our throats in 5 episodes. Not cool.
I really hope Picket pulls the trigger. The only saving grace of a theory that I have is that in the middle of their cage sex Kate calls out Jacks name!! :) It would server Sawyer right!. Nasty boy.

There is NO spinning this in our favor! After next week, let's abandon this ship and let it die a nice, graceful death!!! (or better yet, let's just do it now!)

Posted: Nov 02 @ 01:55 PM

So please don't tell me that I should not be upset right now. I am NOT blind and I said this before, even if she doesn't LOVE Sawyer, if (when) she has sex with him - I hope Jack bows the hell out!!
Can someone tell me what "big-time" means exactly, because maybe I've got this confused.

This was the same DocLover, wasn't it? Maybe she's got an evil twin sister? Or a split personality? Did the Proxy Server make her do it?

Maybe she just needs another hit:

Oh well, we shouldn't be too hard on the girl. At least she's not the "big-time Jater" who posted this cute little banner on the Fuse in those halcyon days after 'I Do'.

That was a different "big-time Jater" who posted that little work of art. They LOVE their Kate, those girls, gotta give 'em that!

It would have been some sweet sweet karma if Damon & Carlton had realized that they were talking to the same trash-talking hypocrite who wanted to see that SLUT Kate die a violent death after suffering through some incurable STD inferno following the pig-porn with the Nasty Boy Sawyer....Hmmm, who knows? With all this publicity, and this newfangled Internets machine, you never know. They may just find out yet. This Internet thing - it just doesn't seem to like keeping secrets.

Here's to ya, Doc!

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