Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bubbles about to burst?

Ah, my little fishies, the picture seems to come more into focus with every passing day. It all started when Kristin leveled a finger at a Lost actor, indicating that this person was on the outs with his or her castmates, and would be receiving scaled-back screentime in the new season. The Lost fandom went wild with speculation. We Skaters hoped (and many believed) that it might just be the Sainted One who was the doomed character. Hero or not, if Matthew Fox made enough of an ass of himself and pissed enough people off on set, then he could and would be gone. The original concept of the show didn't include Jack past the pilot episode, thus indicating that, contrary to Bubble Belief, he is not the end-all-be-all of this story.

But in true Bubble fashion, many of the Jaters (perhaps smelling the truth early on?) started desperately grasping at straws and pointing fingers at everyone except Fox...even going so far as to name Emilie de Ravin and our beloved Jorge Garcia as potential culprits. What the hell? Fox gives an interview stating, point-blank, that he's a liar and an ultimate manipulator and loves to fuck with people, and yet sweet Emilie and/or Jorge are the assholes? Boggles the mind.

So summer dragged along, and it inevitably quieted down for a bit, with a few other tantalizing comments here and there from Dom and Evie that might have also indicated Fox as the black sheep. But nothing concrete surfaced until last week, when Kristin gave us this gem:

Ginny in Ipswich, Massachusetts: Will there be any cast changes this season on Lost?

Aside from the newbies we announced last week (much thanks to Korbi for that scoop!), Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that Grindhouse’s Jeff Fahey will join the island crew this year. I can also tell you that, although I had heard a while back that we’d be seeing a little less of Matthew Fox this season, so far there are no signs of any “Jack-off” days on the production schedule (sorry, I couldn’t resist, I’m 12). So, we’ll see.

Ah HA! The puzzle piece we needed? Kristin had earlier indicated that the person on the outs with the rest of the cast was the same person who would receive less screentime this season. She confirms here that it is Matthew Fox. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen as to whether or not he will actually disappear for a while, but it looks like he IS the skunk who just can't not piss off his fellow castmates. Balls hanging out and all.

And now we turn to the Jaters, those lovable Bubbles who will defend their Foxy one to the death, and whom can twist any information into a pro-Jate/Foxy light faster than a child's spinning top juiced on warp-speed.

Enter the ever-reliable Heel:
How ya' doin' Jorge!!

Thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions. I really appreciate it. You help make the LOST experience even more wonderful for us OCD Lost fans.

I don't know if you heard about an article in a Brazilian Magazine out this month, in it Foxy was interviewed. He had some really nice things to say about you ... Here's a quick paraphrase of the translation of the article which was in Portugese:

"Matthew loves Hurley but he loves Jorge even more and misses working with him. He's a special person just like his character and he compares his relationship with Jorge to Jack's relationship with Hurley."

Just like Foxy, I really, really missed the Jack and Hurley relationship in S3. I think Hurley steadies Jack quite a bit. I also think Jack really admires Hurley, for being the social psychologist for the Losties and for understanding people. Something Jack has a hard time doing. I hope you and Foxy work together much much more in S4. I have my fingers crossed.

breathe speak dream live PEACE


To which Jorge replies:

I know we have some stuff up ahead.

Short. Sweet. Succinct. Hell, let's face it - all that seemed to be missing from Jorge's oh, so enthusiastic response was a PUKE emoticon.

Now, it could be that Jorge was simply put off by shoegirl's rather rambling bit of asskissing and promotion of the wondrous MF - especially if Fox is the one that everyone detests having on set. Or it could be that Gregg Nations whispered a little info into Jorge's ear, enlightening him of shoegirl's previous request for suggestions of other television shows to watch, after the I Do episode, where you will recall, Kate had sex with the redneck hillbilly scumbag, thus sending Lost spiraling into the 9th level of Hell, and therefore making it unworthy of shoegirl's attention. Never change, Heel. Promise us.

And we should already know that Jorge doesn't give a rat's tail about Foxy and his ego, as per the following:

Hey Jorge!

I was wondering do you have any plans for the summer? Are you shooting any movies or just just hanging out and enjoying the break from Lost?

Also, did you get that We Are..Marshall magazine that I sent you? I hope you liked it.. !


To which Jorge replied:
I did. But I passed it along to Matthew because I thought he might appreciate it more.

Thank you.

In other words, "I don't collect Foxy memorabilia, and 'We Are...Marshall' sucked ass, but...thanks for thinking of me?"

And as further evidence of the amazing spinning ability of the Jaters, I give you a post from Live together on L-F:
Ok, according to the Fuse, Jorge says he's looking forward to some upcoming scenes with Matthew Fox they're preparing to film.

See how that works, kiddies? But of course! In the Jater world, using Jater speak, you can get from "we have some stuff up ahead" to "we have some stuff up ahead that I'm looking forward to, in fact I'm downright living for it, because Matt Fox is My God, and the best actor EVA".

Personally, I hope Kristin is on the right track, and Fox is on his way out. Because you know, our enjoyment of this show would be so much easier if TPTB would just go ahead and cut the dead-weight of Jack loose. Then the batshit would subside, and we could all just watch the damn show as it's presented!

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