Thursday, September 13, 2007

Now that's Iconic

I thought it might be nice to share with you some of the fun icons made at the Fishelage by some of our more graphically talented fishbitches. As you can imagine the ridiculous Proxy Server accusations from the Bubblehead camp over the Tater Top Polls got people's creative juices a-flowing. Feel free to snag away and have a good chuckle.

The Jaters call us Proxy-cheats, or Diabolical Pig-Porn Loving Terrorist Geese-Roaches (tm Zoriah) and we make icons to laugh about it...Aren't we just the meanspirited dregs of society?






My apologies to the originator of the Jate(r) icons, I can't seem to find them and wanted to feature them too. Contact me, okay?

Not to be outdone, some Bubblehead who clearly is still clutching their little blankie and crying "Mama!" at the Tater Top results, came up with these beauties.

Warning - Angry Jate icons

Can't you just smell the bile coming off of these? And so frakking witty too. I mean, seriously, does she think we're bragging about using proxy servers? Who's being the surfacey thinker now?

Maybe Bubbleheads just don't have a single funny-bone in their body. I think that must be it.

I'm sure there are hundreds of hilariously funny and entertaining Skate icons out there, why not post some of your favorites here and share the giggles with your fellow fishbitches? I know I'd love to see 'em.

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