Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tales from the Fishelage: Is This Love?

As if we needed more grist for the mill, but if you had any doubts that the Jack/Kate relationship is about as unhealthy and un-romantic as TV romances can get, check out the following.

My darling little fishies have been industrious in compiling a two part vid that shows you exactly what is wrong with this couple.

Part deux of this awesome vid is here.

The inspiration for the vid was this site's questionnaire (found by TRoss):

Is This Love?

Makes you think, don't it?

Credit for this brilliant work goes to the talented Demy, Clarisse, May and Mylene.

The vids are already up on DarkUFO's site (be sure to go vote, you know the Bubblehead crazies will be all over it like flies on shit), but feel free to comment, debate, praise etc here too.


Anonymous said...

Great compilation of message appropriate moments for Jack and Kate! So many examples of what love doesn't look like.

If the Fish's last entry didn't already convince you these two are an unhealthy example as a couple, then these vids will... Or else you're a Jater/Jacker and refuse to acknowledge it!

Brilliant work Demy! May, Clarisse and Mylène too! And TRoss for your excellent list!


Anonymous said...

Excellent videos! Put together with the list, they really show how many ways the Jack/Kate relationship is so wrong. Great work, ladies!

Freckles said...

As I said it on Fishbiscuitland,girls you rock!It's perfection!

Anonymous said...

It is almost hard to watch this because it is so true. You gals have done an excellent and mind you almost entirely inarguable job at showing the Jate relationship for exactly what it is.

I am sure that the Jaters will try to combat this with the 'Oh look at all the 'good times' Jate has had. But really, what abusive relationship does not also have 'good times' where the abuser and the abused seem to be perfectly happy? Where the abused thinks, maybe the abuser has changed, maybe it will all be good from now on.

Thank God Kate told his ass 'You don't come round hay no mo, drunk bastard!!!!!


Maryann said...

Man if I didn't hate Jack already this video would cause just that..talk about a perfect description of how sick and scary the Jate so called love is!

Great work ladies!!

SockeRock said...

Unfortunately, you could probably build a similar case against Kate in the way she treats Sawyer and ask, "Is this love?"

Sarah said...

sockerock - ABSOLUTELY! My whole objection to the Lost 'love' triangle is that Sawyer's the only person involved who actually treats another person lovingly!

WillyJames said...

spot on sockerock and sarah!

i think kate and jack deserve each other.
she treats sawyer like cr*p, jack treats her like one. they are a perfect fit.
sawyer should hook up with juliet.
Down with the triangle!

Jennifer said...

Exactly. I don't see any love in Jate. And the only love I see in Skate is coming from Sawyer.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was good. Really makes you think, huh?

Siss said...

Yes, I also agree with Sockerock. I DO want Kate to be with Sawyer, with him she's actually tough and strong, he loves her and obviosly she loves him too. But way to often she treats him like crap and I feel he deserves better than that. She better come back and see him for what he is and stop running between him and Jack!

And about the video. Jate have always been the worst "couple" on television. No passion, no respect and definitly NO love.