Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Darlton Speak on that Spectacular Kiss in the Finale DVD Commentary

Huge thanks to Clarisse who transcribed the following for us from her season four DVD's (Lucky Brazilian's for getting their Lost fix first!):

Carlton: So this scene here was obviously one of our big and favorite moments in the story and you know. We're, you know, all season long we have been dealing with the, well, all show long we've been dealing with the romantic triangle between Kate and Jack and Sawyer, and for us this was a huge moment in that story, you know, we've seen actually in the show earlier this year that Jack and Kate got engaged in the future and now we're basically in a place where we know that that is coming up we know they'll sorta be together in the future. We know that Sawyer is not one of the Oceanic 6 and now we're actually gonna get to see how that actually all transpires. At least a part of it.

Damon: And most importantly we know that Kate and Jack's future relationship in fact that he proposes to her, she accepts his propposal, all comes apart because she is doing something for Sawyer and lying to Jack about it. And this scene, this is the last time Kate and Sawyer see each other before she leaves the island, so whatever it is he whispers to her obviously is what sort of catalyzes and ultimately destroys her relationship with Jack. As a result of that relationship being destroyed Jack starts popping pills and seeing his father and all these things, so this scene, Sawyer whispering to Kate actually is sort of a major critical plot -

Carlton: By the way, in a production level, those stuff actually dumping into the water, we actually see them splash dowm, I just, I never can see that enough.

Damon: This is awesome, I mean, again, you look at this scene, you go, you know, not to toot our own horn, because actually we're tooting the horn of the amazing production crew down in Hawaii, but all of this was shot in a period of 3 and a half weeks and it really has-, it's stuff like that that makes you feel like you're in a feature film

Carlton: This is where Sawyer tells Kate that she's got something, like, in her teeth

Damon: Yeah

Carlton: He tells her there's a green something-

Damon: She says "Why are you telling me this?". He says "Because I don't want you to get a cavity. Gengivitis could-"

Carlton: Now he sucks it out of her mouth

Damon: Oh my God, you're totally ruining the beauty of this moment.

Carlton: I think the people who watch the DVDs need to know a secret that they don't have to wait until season 5 to get.

(Sawyer jumps)

Damon: He says "Don't forget to rinse with Flourine" and jumps out.

Carlton: Now that was actually, that was no CG, that was a real stunt guy who jumped twice, once from about 85 feet and the second time from 105 feet out of a helicopter.

Damon: That's Josh Holloway in a pool at the Alaka'i, surfacing

Carlton: That shot was an amazing shot, this incredible stunt guy actually jumped over 100 feet from the helicopter into the ocean.

(Kate crying)

Damon: And that's a stunt tear that just came out of Kate's eye.

Carlton: No, that was a real tear.

These guys are a frakking riot. What a great way to floss. Give me Sawyer floss any day.

Flashbacks to the post- I Do podcast anyone? Love what they said here. How this was such an important seminal moment in the ongoing love story. How this "last kiss" and whispered promise ultimately destroyed Jack and Kate. Though, I kinda thought Jate killed Jate anyway, what with all the living in Denialville, the lies, distrust and borderline abusive undercurrents (which were nothing new).

Potato, potahto.

The important thing is that Darlton confirmed Jack and Kate's romantic relationship flat-lined in season 4 and I don't see any attempts to revive it or to talk it up as the epic romantic pairing on the show. While the frustrating triangle of doom may be here till the very last episode of the show, it seems pretty damned clear which couple is getting the big moments, the real hype and is being framed in an iconic way. Hint: It ain't Jack and Kate.

This comment was also golden:

"It's amazing that the beard stayed on after Kate's slap."


There's more at the Fishbiscuitland forum, so check out the spoiler section. Everyone should be kissing Clarisse's feet for taking the time to look through everything and report back to us. That deleted Surley scene sounds adorable.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the transcription. It bothers me that they blame Kate's actions entirely for the future Jate breakup. Beyond sidestepping all the Jack-shit insanity, the implication is that Jack was completely justified in going off to the degree he did, no matter her reason; it was all her fault for 'lying.'

Sawyer didn't ask her out loud in front of everyone, he whispered it, meaning that it was for her to know, only. And now for keeping his confidence, and keeping her promise, she's responsible entirely for the failure of her relationship with Jack. Whatever, I guess, so long as the result is that those two in no way get together again at any point. Heh, in that case, I suppose that might even deserve an "atta-girl" Kate! Whatever is said in this commentary, what we saw said something very different.

Anonymous said...

P.S. - Also, according to Damon, Kate's lie is also apparently responsible for Jack becoming a drug addict and so I guess also for ruining his career and his life and nearly killing himself, ... all because of one little 'lie' ... amazing.

Freckles said...

What a wonderful way to wake up!!
Thank you Fish and Clarisse.I love Darlton.They said what obviously was the truth and it's wonderful that the promise is the reason why Jack and Kate's relationship.It's him,her love of her life..aw..but I agree that Jack and Kate kill Jate,too.And Jack is obviously a rebound.

Freckles said...

Sorry I missed a part in my previous comment...is the reason why Jack and Kate's relationship is destroyed.I was too happy:-)

Maryann said...

First of all..BIG SHOUTOUT TO CLARISSE for transcribing this!! 'Atta girl! :-D

Then Darlton are too funny, these two clowns must have a great time together due to their antics in podcasts, interviews and commentaries..they're nutters lol

As for Kate lying to Jack about Sawyer's secret..that I disagree with Darlton on...didn't Jack start to pop pills when he started to see his dead daddy? Or am I remembering that part wrong. I blame Jack as well for the death of Jate..well blame..maybe I should say thanks to both of them for making it crystal clear that they just DO NOT WORK! lol.

Anonymous said...

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e said...

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