Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Get the Word Out and Celebrate Skate!

Some of the gals from the Fishelage have been working on a cute summer project where they send in Fishbiscuit themed and shaped cards, letters and postcards to TPTB thanking them for all the wonderful Skate we were blessed with this season.

I can certainly get behind a positive show of support for our fave couple, so why not follow suit and send in your own cards? It's never too late to jump on the Skate-train and let those behind the show know how much we appreciate this pairing.

Here's the link (click here) if you want to read up on their efforts and would like the addresses of where to send your gestures of support. Some of them are sending stuff to Josh and Evi as well as the show-runners Lindelof and Cuse. It's really up to you and your imagination.

And for those of you who are artistically challenged, I took the liberty of rustling up this little graphic below. Just copy it to your hard drive, print it out on your printer or take the file in to your local print center if you want to make a colour copy, then paste it onto some cardboard backing and voila you have yourself a nifty card to mail in. Please make sure that if you are sending it as a postcard that it's at least 4.25 by 6 inches in size. And don't forget to add your own words! There's nothing like snail mail to show people you really care.

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