Monday, July 9, 2007

Bubblehead Blind Item - The insanity continues...

This Bubblehead is particularly fluent in Batshit Jaterese. Be ready to don your Bubble-O-Delusion helmets in order to read some of this stuff without gagging or laughing your ass off.

First off we have the essay on how Kate can't be a leader without Jack to back her up, and she's so brilliant at being his little woman in support...What is she? Jackie Onassis? Grace Kelly? Welcome back to the 1950's and 60's guys where women can't be seen strong leaders in their own right because it's so damned unfeminine:

"Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman

I believe that when Kate’s relationship with Jack is less than stellar, she doesn’t feel as though she can lead, she doesn’t have the confidence in herself to be a leader. When she and Jack are on good terms and when they are in a great place, Kate feels very comfortable taking on huge responsibilities and showing that she is capable of being a great leader. It’s the same for Jack, but not exactly the same. I think that Jack is a natural-born leader, but he is a more effective leader when he knows that Kate supports him 100%. When Kate isn’t there with him 100%, Jack is a less than effective leader.

Kate is a very strong and very capable woman. She is obviously very head-strong, smart, courageous and she is a very caring and sincere person. But on very many occasions, we see a change in her based on her relationship status with Jack. When she and Jack are okay, when their relationship is good, Kate is a different person, a better, more capable person, but when she and Jack have come to a crossroads of sorts and they aren’t really speaking or they’re upset or frustrated with each other, we see that Kate is changed and bothered by it. Jack is a strong, courageous and brave man who never gives up. But when his relatioship with Kate is severed, he's different, not the same confident man he was, but when things are good between him and Kate, Jack is okay, better, stronger.

We see that Jack is able to lead without Kate by his side, but he’s not as effective without Kate. Jack plus Kate equals a very effective leader, while Jack minus Kate equals a less than effective leader. Kate plus Jack equals a leader, while Kate minus Jack equals a follower. Remember the old saying: “Behind every great man is a great woman”, the roles can be switched to say, “Behind every great woman is a great man” . Almost all of Kate’s capabilities to lead come from Jack and Jack’s capacity to lead more effectively comes from Kate. They are the other’s motivation and strength."

And another shiny nugget of wisdom from this poster, which was apparently posted somewhere where Skaters are not expected to go. I guess it was really just hot air for her fellow Jaters to puff themselves up on, rather than a real throwing down of the gauntlet. Give up now Skaters we are clearly no match for this poster and we don't want to piss her off:

"My message to Skaters: Make it easy on yourselves in the long run and admit that it's over. I mean, maybe Kate and Sawyer have a few more scenes left in them, I'm intelligent enough to realize that, I'm not going to deny it, Skate still is a huge problem for Jack and Kate, but it's basically over. Give up. Take some dignity with you while you still have some left. Please take my advice. This is me being kind. Don't piss me off and continue with the ridiculous pretense that Skate will be the ULTIMATE couple, because WE ALL KNOW WHICH COUPLE fits the description of ULTIMATE and, sorry, but it's not Skate. Do the right thing."

And last but not least, some more ridiculous rationalizations by same poster at the Couch, which of course is still THE place to go for the biggest amount of Jate-spin being gobbled up on a Kate-licked spoon:

"I think that it’s a GREAT thing that Kate explored Sawyer before Jack. I completely agree with this. When Skex#1 happened, obviously Kate was afraid for Sawyer, but then again she was afraid PERIOD (considering the fact that she kissed Sawyer, he asked her why she did it, she said “I don’t know”, lowered her head, mumbling, then Sawyer raises her head to look at him and in the most frightened and scared tone Kate says again “I don’t know…”). I think that with Skate, Kate was scratching an itch so to speak. Skex #1 she was afraid and lost, but that was about it. Skex#2 and Skex#3 were all about Jack, all about him. She saw him with Juliet and then ran to Sawyer (“shut up and don’t talk”…wow, how romantic). Kate and Jack still aren’t speaking and so she goes to Sawyer again (“I can’t sleep if I’m not in my own tent”…PUH-lease!).

Kate’s relationship with Jack was established from the very beginning (I heard from a Jater friend of mine that the Pilot was 50% Jate dialogue!) and it established the incredible dynamic between the two characters and her relationship with Sawyer was rocky, at best, from the start. Skate being addressed in season three was a blessing in disguise. It hurts to see Kate and Sawyer kissing and what-not, but we all know why she’s doing it, it’s so painstakingly obvious why. Being with Sawyer in that romantic way was a mistake and Kate knows that.

Skate has completely lost steam and it can’t last. Skate is nearing the end. Kate knows that and Sawyer knows that, look at the way they treat each other in the s3 Finale. And Jack’s ILY…OMG…Skate would NEVER survive that. Now, the prospect of Kate being pregnant is absolutely ridiculous. We already have a pregnant Sun and Claire was pregnant for most of season one; there’s no way that Kate being pregnant is in the best interest of the show. No way. And it’s not her destiny to be pregnant with Sawyer’s kid.

Kate will stop running sooner or later. And Jack will be the reason that she stops running."

Yes, my finned friends, there are fans who actually believe this kinda stuff FOR REAL.

Thanks to my fishbitches at the Fishelage for bringing me the Jater-chum to toss on the water.

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