Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yo! Calling all Fish! Calling all Geese! All hands on deck! It's time to wake it up and shake off those Long Hiatus Blues. We've been waiting so long, it's hard to believe our waiting is actually going to finally END! It's almost time to get LOST again! We're going BAAAAAACK!!!!

So much has happened since we last left our Losties, but all in all it's been a pretty good hiatus for Fishbiscuitland. The Season One review has been fun. It revived my awe and my admiration for this epic work of imagination we've all been privileged to be a part of. Plus we gained a lot of new fans this year. Look! Even Matt Fox is a Fish Fan now!

If by any chance you had forgotten how much Time has passed since LOST first cast its spell of enchantment over us all, then just take a look at this cute In Touch Weekly magazine spread (thanks to Susan at Outlaws for the scan.) It's a blast from the past for various LOST cast members. You know things are coming to an end when the media starts getting nostalgic:

(click to enlarge)

Look at them! It really goes to show what a difference a good hair stylist can make, doesn't it? It wouldn't have been the same if Jack had kept that Farrah Fawcett 'do. Although mocking Jack probably would have been twice as funny!

And Joshie with short hair? Would never have worked out. He's cute in an adorable sweet Dr. Awesome kind of way, but there's no badassery without that hair.

Locke never would have made it to icon status if Terry hadn't razored that dome either. No way. There's just no mystery.

As we've all learned along the way on this long strange trip, it's the little things that make all the difference. The devil is always in the details. ... Ah, the details! I get tired just thinking of how many new ones we'll have to analyze! Apophenics of the world, Unite! This is our last hurrah!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am. I'm on tenterhooks! I'm anticipating this show going out with a bang. No matter how we will feel about where all of our beloved characters end up, I think we can all agree that it's been one mind-frakking helluva ride. For better or for worse, there will never be another LOST.

In the spirit of celebrating the culmination of an iconic show which pushed the boundaries of network television, sometimes failed to hit the mark but always was ambitious in what it set out to achieve ... Let the COUNTDOWN begin!


Sabe said...

You are totally right... I've been waiting so long during this hell of a hiatus, I completely forgot to get ready for it to come back!
ONE WEEK? I just can't wrap my mind around that.
My sister and I have been watching a lot of X-Files during the hiatus, it's time to clear my mind of black oil and get back to smoke monsters! I'm actually having a hard time getting back into the LOST way of thinking.
The last season premiere ever?
I'm not readddyyyy!
-A Devoted Fan Of Yours, whose just coming out of the woodwork.

talliann said...

*yay* for the countdown of one of the greatest tv shows ever!
Picture of Foxy being a Fish fan is awesome *lol*. This season is going to be amazing. I'm sure of that.

Wimber said...

One week?! FINALLY! Your blog/website have been the only things getting me through this hiatus! I can't wait to see your take on the new episodes.


Anonymous said...

One week. Finally! I can hardly believe the end of this overly long hiatus is in sight. I'll be looking forward to your recaps Fish. You always seem to catch so many little things that I miss. Here's to one final hurrah!

It only ends once, right? :-)


Anonymous said...

Awww, the Hairy Jack pic made my day ))) how come I've never seen it before?
I'm really looking forward to the last season. Hell, I'll miss Lost when it's over. But I'll probably miss the fandom fireworks much more ))


Anonymous said...

"Even Matt Fox is a Fish Fan now!"


Great start to the last ever countdown, Fish! I'm excited and sad at the same time. Looking forward to your reviews in the new season.


LostTvFan said...

Thanks Fish, nice to see the countdown clock has started and thanks for making FBL the place for Skaters to hang and enjoy the last season.

As someone else said, I'll miss Lost but I believe I'll miss our warm little pond more! No matter how it ends it's been a hell of a ride and you have made it so much fun!

Anonymous said...

"Why Lost Owes Us Nothing" is yet another bitchy Internet sermon about entitlement.

It’s not about the writers owing us anything. Viewers are heavily invested in this complex story and have a right to be aggravated if it doesn’t play out well or leaves too many unanswered questions. Darlton owe it to the story they’ve created to end it well.