Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 5 - LOLZ


Being a LOST fan is kind of like being a prisoner. Those of us who are hardcore, who have battled it out across the seasons, who have dissected Easter Eggs and learned to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics, who can still remember the lyrics to You All Everybody, who can summarize all the arguments in favor of LOST following the time travel model based on Novikov's self-consistency principle vs. the Many Worlds model, who've gotten trapped in message board flamewars with arrested-adolescent fanboys and who've watched all our precious theories and predictions and guesses and wishes go up in smoke one by one by one, year after year after godforsaken year ....

It's too much! We need a break! We have to laugh about this stuff, or we'd never stop crying. Luckily help is just a mouseclick away. This fountain of frustration we LOST fans experience has exploded into a Perfect Storm of interactive media blended with the creativity of some of the internet's most subversively hilarious fans. We may have an unhealthy obsession with all things LOST, but at least we can laugh about it.

I think it all starts right here. With the Classic. CapnBob's Lost Bohemian Rhapsody still makes me rhapsodic, even three years on:

I see a little silhouette-0 of a man!
This vid by Pawel18021990 takes a poke at Locke's pathological need to be special:

Are you pretty?
TheFineBros are a LOST fun factory unto themselves. Who said those geeky action figures wouldn't be collector's items someday? Trekkies, Bill & Ted and the DeLorean all together on Craphole Island! Doctor and doctor, James and James, Asian and Asian ... they're the same show!

Now that there is time travel, there's no need for logic anymore!

Maybe if Adolph had been able to obsess over LOST, he wouldn't have had time to go out and destroy the world. Although, on the other hand, maybe it would have just made him madder!

I am stuck reading fan theories on everything! Their theories are always garbage!

And this next video? Is too good. It's a friggin masterpiece, I tell you. TheFineBros have outdone themselves. Petula Clark's 'Downtown' - what an inspired choice. And I'm with you, bruthas, we need some 'Answers?!' I think, whenever I feel that frustrated feeling this season, I'm just going to watch this video again. And again. Brilliant!

I'm sure there's more of this stuff out there. Anyone know of any good ones?

Follow this link for a bonus fishbiscuit!

See you tomorrow! In the meantime, keep counting.


jessica said...

I haven't seen a lot images on the video a la 24 hrs. Are those deleted scene? like when Juliet is about to show something to that old woman and when Ben tells her that they need to talk...

Anonymous said...

You left out the best Lost video of all....Lost rhapsody 2!

Johnchop said...

Even The Onion is onto us:

Kyle from Kentucky said...

that last video was great. Especially the explaining Jin flashing part