Wednesday, January 6, 2010

- by Professor Dez

Things have gotten really hairy in the world of online LOSTmania, ever since DarkUFO got his panties all bunched up because his addiction to Fishbiscuitland "forced" him to read some things that hurt his feelings and he launched his current jihad against Skaters. I'm going to try to follow Kristin's gracious and graceful lead and take the High Road, but before I hike on up there, I want to call attention to this very fine post by our great friend Professor Dez. She lays it all out there more succinctly, and certainly more cleanly, than I ever could, and with her kind permission, I am posting it here.

Read and Learn. Facts, baby. Just the FACTS.

Wow. Dark really has gotten arrogant to the point of being delusional about his importance in the scheme of things. Some of the vilest insults to other fans are things I've read on HIS blog, where anyone and everyone is invited to piss all over the shippers and call them horrible names in any thread they please. This has always been the case, and his posters are even more encouraged to slag the Skaters in particular.

A little history lesson for any newbies dropping by:

FACT: Dark used to hang out and post on this board, joke with all the regulars, discuss the show and so on, a few times a week.

: One evening when the group was discussing a poll then running on BuddyTV, Dark asserted ANY poll could be hacked. He proceeded to demonstrate this by hacking the poll on BuddyTV, telling us he would reset the totals by hundreds of votes and then doing so to exactly the numbers he said. He then reset the results back to what they were. I guess he thought it was a joke and that we'd find it funny. Instead, people were appalled that he'd tamper with a poll - ANY poll - much less one on a site owned by somebody who is NOT him. He didn't think he'd done anything wrong because he had set the numbers back. Most of FBL found his whole attitude about that douchey and stopped reading, or posting on, his blog.

FACT: FISH, the owner of FBL, dropped him as a place to post her Episode Recaps in S5, a decision made before S4 had even ended, preferring to post for S5 at DocArzt's site. Dark then claimed that HE dropped Fish and changed some old poll results about the recaps to use as his reason. Very funny, but luckily somebody had a screencap of the poll results from when the poll actually took place. FISH wrote about this on her Journal, with a pic of the screen cap as it appeared before he tampered with it. Kind of a juvenile reaction... I broke up with her kind of thing on DarkUFO's part. He probably tells people that he did the breaking up in his relationships with DocArzt and DocJensen too. Not.

FACT: Dark doesn't like us. We don't like him. He prints a LOT of BS, e.g. the fact that this site has recently taken to attacking his wife. He's posted that at least twice in the last day or two. IN FACT, he's mischaracterizing a humorous exchange covering 3 or 4 posts that simply questioned HIS ability to attract a woman, much less marry one.

FACT: DarkUFO could have had an outstanding site where everybody in the fandom - no matter what their favorite aspects of the show - could meet up and enjoy Spoilers. Instead, he has chosen to become a beacon for the fanboys who have nowhere else to vent their hatred for the shippers they see as third class fans. His so-called rules say "no insults" but as long as the target is shippers, he never reins in the rule-breakers.

The fact that he thinks his little site, that has succeeded in alienating well respected LOST commenters like DocArzt and which is daily riddled with vile insults toward a large part of the show's fanbase, actually has something to TEACH a pro like Kristin is hugely funny. Kristin couldn't care less about some pipsqueak in England. She's not trying to be FIRST with every spoiler. She has actual relationships with these showrunners to maintain. She would NEVER have insulted their hard work by posting an entire summary of the season finale two years in a row. Dark is probably #1 on Darlton's hate list for that... He's got nothing to teach Kristin about any aspect of HER job. I can't even believe he's deluded enough to put himself on the same level as somebody who works in the industry, and who we see on our television screens every week.

Guess Dark's ego really has gotten THAT big. He prints spoilers, anything and everything he can get his hands on. If showrunners have heard of him at all, they view him with distaste. And well they should, since he's making money off their hard work. That he has the nerve to insist that an industry site like E-online credit him with the theft only proves how delusional he's become.

I'll leave it there, except for a few more things.

1. Anyone who reads this post is required to read The Truth About DarkUFO before commenting. No exceptions.




3. My sources tell me that Matthew Fox has a special message he wants to send to Andy Page and all the thieving snitch "sources" that rip off his tv show. I'm going to do a favor for my homeboy here and just pass on his personal message to DarkUFO and the shrieking teenage fanboys that make his site the Animal House of LOSTland:

OK, that's it. From now on , it's the High Road all the way. I promise.


Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Well said, and keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

I read the old entry about the poll votes and I can see why Fish has issues with Dark. The two of them don't wish to sort things out, don't respect and maybe hate each other. That's fine.

Still, I don't see why this feud needed to spread even among the visitors of the two blogs. Some Skaters didn't like his attitude when he showed how polls can be rigged - okay. But it happened a few years ago so why burden newer members with the old stuff? Would it be so wrong to just let it go?

Most people probably visit his site anyway.

I do and I never feel like he has particular issues with Skaters. If someone leaves him a comment accusing him of lying about having the bad spoiler for Skate, what kind of attitude do they expect in return? Now, maybe the spoiler is not so bad after all, but then again, maybe Dark still doesn't understand how ships work and takes things literally. (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and don't assume he invented the script page - he's a good spoiler source).

What's the point of calling him a douche or insulting him personally? By people who don't know him or have never even talked to him. I've never seen him do that to any of the commenters. General annoyance with shippers doesn't count - we can act crazy at times.

Nobody's out there trying to get Skaters. If you believe someone is, PM them, e-mail them and ask for some explanations. But please do it in private before you start throwing some more insults around.

This fight between two people unnecessarily turned into a war. I wish everyone would just stop.

Anonymous said...

I think he definitely has issues with Skaters. He obviously lurks on their board constantly. It's like instant reaction from him. It seems weird from a grown man.

Plus he obviously posted that stupid comment about ending the triangle in such a way as to tick off Skaters. If it were a Jate scene there's no way he'd have extended his interpretation all the way up to a script note equals end of triangle. He's going to end up looking like an ass how he handled that, and Fish knows it.

He obviously has an agenda.

One thing I like about Fish is she tries to actively contribute to the discussion. Her reviews are stellar. Dark is just a really successful thief and he gloats over it like it makes him a great guy. I don't think I've ever read an intelligent comment from him about the actual show.

Last, I don't think anyone can honestly say that Dark doesn't have two standards. He deletes and bans Skater's comments constantly but he lets his little fanboys insult Skaters right and left. He's not fair, doesn't even try to be fair and he disses someone like Kristion who HAS to be fair, because unlike him, she has an actual JOB.

Also, guarantee Fish will never delete anything you write on her blog. Can't say the same about Dark.

LostTvFan said...

"He then reset the results back to what they were.

IIRC Andy refused to reset the BuddyTV poll back to the original results after he tampered with it just to prove he could. Sawyer was beating Jack by a landslide and in Dark's universe that could not be allowed to happpen. In fact our celebration over Sawyer's clear victory was the reason he came into the thread that night and made an ass of himself. Can't have happy Skaters in his world either.

He also claimed he could change Kristin's TaterTop results should he choose to.

I've never trusted the polls on his site since that night. If he can tamper with someone else's polls that easily; I'm damn sure his turn out just exactly as he wishes.

jamesF said...

I feel like I must ask, is that you in the last picture? If so, can we see more of that picture :P

Anonymous said...

Someone did a poll on that darkufo site recently and it showed the big majority of the posters there are young guys, like 15-25. That's why women get bashed over there. It's a hostile environment. But I don't know why an old guy like dark encourages it. Anyone who thinks he's not encouraging it especially lately really isn't looking at it honestly. He's been brutal lately and making stuff up to victimize himself, like the wife thing.

ashley said...

Dark's a joke and a complete tw@t. He must be really insecure and have a teenie weenie little penis to be acting this way. He can't satisfy his wife so he looks on the internet for adulation. Is lame a good word?

Anonymous said...

I love Dark's site because he lets me spew my smarmy conventional wisdom for endless paragraphs and deletes any comments that challenge me. That way I'm always right. Isn't that how Lost boards are supposed to work?

I also love how he slimes the Skaters but we all pretend he's not doing it. It's like heaven for bores like me who like to pretend our shit don't stink. I mean, imagine how it would be if we actually had to defend our opinions. It would be like TWOP where we Jackers and Jaters can't seem to last a month without getting banned for being passive aggressive bitches.

Dark is the best unethical thief in the business. Without him, Darlton could actually present their show the way they wanted to, with secrets and surprises all wrapped up like Christmas presents. Instead Dark gets to shit on them first and use them to mock and insult Skaters. Isn't that much, much better? Stop being mean to him. He's just an unemployed loser trying to make crime pay. Lay off him, you meanie.

Jackie said...

Like your any honest role model to follow, Fishbiscuit. You hide behind your ridiculous Blogger user name and no one knows who you are. At least we know who Andy is, a real person. And what kind of crap is that? So if people there hate shippers, you are defending Jaters as well? I don't freaking see that happening. Everyone knows you and your followers hate every single person that doesn't like Skate or corroborate with your agenda. That includes Jaters.

I think you are the last person on this planet to point fingers and say something about anyone else. Years of hatred, bashing, lies, arrogance and riots. Have you ever thought that you and your followers are the ones responsible for all this shipper hate? I remember every single time that an angry FBLer was teasing Jaters or Sulieters or any other fans on DarkUFO and other sites. Always bashing to make their ship looking good, always downplaying, rarely picking the option of praising Skate instead of bashing other Ships. Always making fun of Jate campaings, but making similar campaigns yourselves.

The poll fear only shows your insecurity. Trying to imply that every single poll you lost is actually Dark or someone else hacking them is just fucked up. You and your followers are masters of twisting things and making yourselves the victims, when to any sane and normal person, you guys are clearly the villains. Oh, poor FBL people, they are the victims of Dark, the victim of the bad Jaters, Sulieters, fanboys, they are the poor minority. Well maybe you are, but only because you people are the most twisted and sick fanbase that any show has ever seen. I don't have any idea how the show will end or the triangle will end, but i really feel sorry for all of you. All this has gotten to a whole new level of craziness and some sort of collective consciousness. All the FBLers are so deep in their fake beliefs that it's scary. I hope that when you all wake up from your Skoma, you don't try to suicide or anything bad. Some of you need help, no kidding. But please wake up to the reality that you're not the victims, you are the villains. Who are you, Fishbiscuit?

Jerry said...

This is hilarious.

You claim that Darkufo ruins lost yet your fucking herd of sheep are constantly linking an posting his information in your sad little spoiler thread.

Good hypocrisy you sad lonely fangirl.

If you really had some morals you would stop posting his posts.

How about you get your own spoilers and info. No wait, that would involve doing some actual work.

Fish sad loser who hides behind a silly username.

Anonymous said...

LOL. At least freedom of speech is alive and well on this site.

You don't see The Fish deleting negative comments. Funny how this female can cowboy up while Andy just removes any post that doesn't pat him on the head or kiss his holier than thou ass.

As for spoilers, Dark just re-posts what is posted elsewhere. He hasn't had a decent source of his own since S4.

Nice to see the trolls out and about, AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Then why do the idiots at fb land post links to his site several times a day to his spoilers.

Answer: you can't

spoiler noob

Matarreyes said...

Loved that post! Every point spelled is the truth - specially about how people are harrassed for shipping and their comments deleted over and over again. Which is pretty sad. Lost is a show for inteligent, insightful people, but the quality of discussions going on is incredibly poor.

Anonymous said...

"You hide behind your ridiculous Blogger user name and no one knows who you are. At least we know who Andy is, a real person." LOL. As opposed to what, a robot because a Lost fan and blogger uses the name Fishbiscuit? Her name is Fiona (not hidden knowledge) if you want to know her real name by the way. Does that help you feel like she's "a real person" now?

Why should the fans at FBL refrain from posting Dark's spoilers, if they're his own? He isn't doing the wrong thing by posting spoilers or quoting spoilers from elsewhere as long as he posts the original source. That isn't the problem here anyways. It's his lying, cheating, vindictive, egotistical ways that anyone has an issue with. All PROVEN if you bothered to read the Fish's previous post with the evidence clearly displayed. It's astounding that this man can still get patted on the back by his readers when he hurls insults at professionals like Kristin and Ausiello, telling them they could learn a lot from the way he works.

Dez has only spoken the fact of the matter and laid it out clearly. Obviously there are still some who wish to ignore the facts. DarkUFO aka Andy Page may be a "person" but he most definitely should never be trusted. Anyone who doesn't believe that is only fooling themselves.

- Midnight

Anonymous said...

Please stop generalizing the fans who frequent DarkUFO as "shrieking teenage fanboys". By doing that, and approving of your contributors doing that, you're only alienating people who want nothing to do with this silly feud (and don't really care who started it) and only want to read insightful, funny commentary on LOST. Like me. I visit every major LOST site, and you know what? Some of the nastiest, meanest things I've read have been on this site. But that doesn't mean I'm going to generalize every person here as a "crazy obsessed fangirl". And yes, I would post this same thing at his site, if there was a huge blog attacking FBL and trying to "set the record straight" to comment on...but strangely, I didn't see one...

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

But that doesn't mean I'm going to generalize every person here as a "crazy obsessed fangirl".

You mean EXACTLY what DarkUFO does over and over every chance he gets?

That weird middle aged man seems to be unable to post without insulting shippers. He's SUCH a weird little twit.

Like your any honest role model to follow, Fishbiscuit. You hide behind your ridiculous Blogger user name and no one knows who you are. At least we know who Andy is, a real person.

And Fish is what? A fake person? LOL Fish, whatever you do, don't let these nasty fanboys know who you are. Like Dark, they actually scare me. Nasty, meanspirited, angry, frustrated fanboys.

Do any of you freaks realize that Doc Jensen himself loves the Fish's work? The same Doc Jensen who had to tell DarkUFO to stop posting his work as if he was writing it for his site.

LOL, Fanboys, Wake Up. The Fish is a great fan who actually GIVES somethign to the enjoyment of Lost. DarkUFO is nothing but a thief and a slimy frustrated old man.

Has he ever written one interesting thing about the actual show? It's just something for him to rob off of, not something he loves. Maybe that's why no one connected with the show, and no one with brains like Doc Jensen, has any respect for him.

Anonymous said...

And yes, I would post this same thing at his site, if there was a huge blog attacking FBL and trying to "set the record straight" to comment on...but strangely, I didn't see one...

He attacks FBL every chance he gets, calls it squalid and a cesspool. He has never told the truth about what he did. He has only lied about it.

And if you ever called him out and criticized him on his site - He'd just delete it.

It's amazing that you people can't see what he really is. It seems fanboy types just want a big ass to kiss. It must be part of the psychology. Lord knows, Dark has no problem being that big ass. He was born to play that part.

Anonymous said...

The poll fear only shows your insecurity. Trying to imply that every single poll you lost is actually Dark or someone else hacking them is just fucked up.

Where did she say this? Fish, I think you're in a losing battle. None of these Dark asskissers know how to READ. Even when you lay it out for them in pictures, they still worship this liar. This must be how George Bush got elected twice - so many dumbasses in the world who can't read or think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

You claim that Darkufo ruins lost yet your fucking herd of sheep are constantly linking an posting his information in your sad little spoiler thread.

So you're another hater who lurks constantly at Fish's board. Who's the hypocrite?

I've never seen Fish link to DoucheUFO. And as you can see, unlike Douche, she doesn't censor her board. So if her fans want to link to Douche, she won't stop them.

Fish sad loser who hides behind a silly username.

Yes, because an fat, bald nobody who calls himself DarkUFO isn't silly at all. And you, Jerry? Since the Lost fandom is such a fun, safe place, care to give us your full name, address and telephone number?

Fish, one thing's for sure. You may attract a few haters, but they're all dummber than a bag of hammers.

LockeGod said...

i love how these fan girls still cant answer as simple question.

if you hate darkufo so much then why are there over 200 links to his site in your silly little forum.

deep down you love darkufo and the info he provides. you just hate the fact that he does not play ball with your stupid fan girl shipper games.

what ever you do or say here in your sad excuse for a blog darkufo will always be remember as being the best lost site for years to come. that is what really hurts you ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

i love how these fan girls still cant answer as simple question.

if you hate darkufo so much then why are there over 200 links to his site in your silly little forum.

MORON - the question was answered above - Fish doesn't censor her readers the way Dark does. They can do whatever they want. Fish herself NEVER links to DarkUFO. Geez, how dumb are Dark's asskissers?

And here's a question for you - How would you know that if you weren't LURKING at Fish's board, the same way Dark does, 24/7? You even COUNTED the links. How much more pathetic can you get?

When Lost is said and done, Darkufo will be remembered the way he's listed on Lostpedia - as the lowlife who shamelessly spoiled two finales, shitting on the work of all the great artists that make Lost. You'll never see Doc Jensen profile him as a "superfan" because Doc, like all media types who matter, HATES this asswipe.

However, if you noticed, Doc did give Fish a shoutout on her recent Last Supper post and said how much he loved it. Maybe you need to find some other asswipe to worship?

JennyMcLeod said...

Fishbiscuitland is one of the best examples out there for this:

People lurk on your blog and forums simply because it is too bizarre. Who wants to miss that? It is just like attending to a freak show. But you know what happens at the end: people either feel repulsed or kinda bad and sorry for the main attraction. So I don't know if you should feel glad about it or awful. You get an audience and others identify with you. At the same time, you mostly attract people for the worst reasons. But what am I saying? You all are attention whores, who cares if it is good or bad, isn't?

I just find funny you feel like you can accuse DarkUFO and insult him all the time, but think what you and your freak circus of followers do is right. Have you seen yourselves in a mirror? Who do you think you are? If it only was DarkUFO... but no, you talk shit about the actors and not only the characters, and seriously, the list of fans from all over who get quoted and insulted in your forums is ridiculous, and let me tell you, pathetic. Don't you ladies have a life? To go to so many LOST forums, read and quote so many people must really take you all a lot of time, isn't, you "fandom watchers"?

You all keep saying Kristin is a professional, and I don't put it in doubt, but Matthew Fox is a fucking professional too, you know? Don't you think he deserves some respect? Just another proof of your insanity because what you have said about him is 1000 times worse than the silly comments Kristin gets at DarkUFO. Oh, and you keep talking about Kate haters, but at least they have nothing against Evangeline Lilly. Some may say she's a bad actress (which I reject) but that's it. So, isn't that like a big contradiction? Kate or Sawyer can't be hated, but Jack and any other who is contrary or a threat to your ship can and in the most spiteful way possible.

Finally, you feel too great because you write some recaps and give your thoughts about the show. But who can take them seriously? Some bias is normal in everyone, but what you write is biased to the point of absurd. Won't take you anywhere important.

Seriously, I don't know if the poll stuff you post is right or wrong, and I don't care (takes one to know one!), but I wonder what would have happened if Jack was winning and DarkUFO reverted it to make Sawyer the winner. I guess we wouldn't be reading any of this nonsense, because no one would know about it. And if someone knew, and DarkUFO was being attacked by the "bubbleheads", most of your people would be his biggest defenders. Be honest with yourselves and admit it, don't worry, no need to tell anyone.

I really doubt DarkUFO lurks in here or your forums. He has many fans: fanboys, Jaters and Sulieters, who like you say "kiss his ass", so probably what you say about about DarkUFO is e-mailed to him. Anyway, I think he deletes your sorry posts because he doesn't want his site to turn into a freak show like yours.

Sad but true, and I'm sure it hurts. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I don't know if the poll stuff you post is right or wrong,

Another one who CAN'T READ. The poll stuff is TRUE - Dark admitted it! Read the damn Truth about Darkufo. He also was caught redhanded lying about why Fish left his site. READ, damnit. What is wrong with you people?

I really doubt DarkUFO lurks in here or your forums.

We know he does. He was whining about his wife the minute ONE person made a joke doubting he could attract one. He's addicted to Fish.

Anyway, I think he deletes your sorry posts because he doesn't want his site to turn into a freak show like yours.

But his board IS a freak show. He just only lets the hate from fanboys and Jaters remain. He deletes anything that questions his sorry ass.

You're sure it hurts? HAHA, which sad obsessed old maid is this?

keep putting down Fish all you want. The truth will come out. Did you ever wonder why Doc JEnsen is a fan of hers, and why he demanded that Darkufo stop posting his recaps on his blog? I know that would take a bit of brain cells and you don't even have enough to READ the damn post that would put your stupid hero to shame.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that bald fat fuck just sits at his computer all day, deleting every single comment as it comes in if he doesn't like it?

This is the sickest man any fandom has ever had. Good job you're doing Fish even if you're up against a truly loathesome toad. It won't matter in the end. He'll get what's coming to him. And what future does he have? Poor washed up Lost fan, all his asskissers moved on to other shows. Just him and his "wife". Hope he keeps her air canisters fully loaded.

Anonymous said...

WOW the angry nut jobs are out in full force Fish. You must have hit some very raw nerves or perhaps Andy is just posting again, and again and again. Some how I doubt that classless twit has more than four real fans.

I hope TPTB are filling up his inbox with foilers; no one deserves egg all over his face as much as Dark does. Damon and Carlton must loath the sound of his name. What goes around comes around and the show's creators owe him a heaping plate of cosmic payback.

Anonymous said...

If anyone doubts what a coward Dark is just try to leave a comment on his blog that questions anything he posts. Be polite, just differ with him. He'll delete it before you refresh the page. He's THAT obsessed with not being criticized.

It takes a really thin skinned weakling to hold a one sided conversation with himself. He is actually SITTING on that thread, personally screening every single comment to make sure he has complete control of the discussion.

mark said...

wow fish deleted my post. guess the truth hurts. nice work nutjob

Fishbiscuitland said...

Mark, perhaps you accidentally deleted your own comment. We don't delete or censor anyone here. Please feel free to repost what it was you wanted to say. We're all ears.

Dana said...

@Jenny: I totally agree, lol, best post ever made here.

So what your name is Fiona? And you're a real person, obviously. But it doesn't change anything, the fact that this site is full of blind and pathetic hate. Doc Jensen can't be taken seriously, the guy wrote some of the craziest and pathetic theories i've ever read.

It's also pathetic how you are all sad little victims of everyone. Dark, Jaters, Sulieters, fanboys and whoever is not a follower of all the hate. How is Dark's site a freak show? How is he an ass? If he is, you are all a gazillion times more freaky than he or his site are. It's no surprise they're censoring your comments, there are no more annoying, bitter, bitchy and insecure people like all of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, mark, you sad little fanboy. Everyone knows Fish isn't a little weak bitch like Dark. She doesn't have to censor anyone and the truth doesn't hurt at all. Dark's the one who can't stand the truth.

And lookee what the dumbshit fangirls are posting now. Not even Doc Jensen - the guy who gets paid by ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY is worth anything compared to the skeevy bald guy in England who sits in his basement and gets spoilers from Lost's scummiest employees. You people are really losing it.

Kyle from Kentucky said...

Whatever. Fuck Andy. Fish is the best. End of story.

God Matthew Fox is a douschebag.

Anonymous said...

I see mark was full of shit, as expected. I used to think fanboys were supposed to be smart, but obviously not the ones that Dark attracts.

Anonymous said...

Please stop generalizing the fans who frequent DarkUFO as "shrieking teenage fanboys"...
Can't we all just get along?

USERS: Nasty, meanspirited, angry, frustrated fanboys...

It's amazing that you people can't see what he really is. It seems fanboy types just want a big ass to kiss. It must be part of the psychology...

But his board IS a freak show. He just only lets the hate from fanboys and Jaters remain...

ME: *sigh* Goddammit. I guess we can't.
Nobody even responded to the positive part of my post.

Anonymous said...

Oh man this is so fucked up.

Fionaaa? The oger? No because she was good. Maybe you share the stink though.

And dude, Jensen linked DarkUFO's blog in his latest article. Newsflash.

What are you girls on? Locke's paste? Shit...

Anonymous said...

Well, the fanboys are certainly out in force proving what they're made of, Fish. It's not as if they can be anything other than what they are. Dark should be proud of the kind of lowlifes he attracts.

To the one who wants to get along, I think you should try this experiment. Mention Fishbiscuit's name on Andy's blog, in a positive way. Just defend her some how. I guarantee Andy will whisk that comment away faster than you can say Fish. He won't even allow that name on his site unless it's combined with some horrible insult.

And you honestly think we can get along? You just don't know who you're dealing with.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what you're smoking fanboy but Doc Jensen definitely didn't link to Darkufo in his latest article, the one on the last supper. But Im guessing like most of Dark's readers, you can't actually READ, so I forgive you for being a dumbass.

He mentioned him in the article about Vozzek because he sort of had to, but that's as close as you'll get. Doc Jensen, like Doc Arzt, like Carlton Cuse, like Damon Lindelof - none of them want anything to do with that skeezebag.

Anonymous said...

then why did docjensen interview dark ufo last year then?

and why do all the slimy tadpoles as fb always link and discuss his spoilers.

lol you would have nothing to talk about without darkfuo.he is the only one releasing decent spoilers this this. kristin and ausiello have nothing.

Anonymous said...

Doc Jensen did something with darkufo TWO years ago. Season 4. Notice he's not mentioning him anymore. And you DID notice that Doc did like Fish's Last Supper, right? The one the dumbass fanboys were trying to mock? The only way you can keep feeling sure of yourselves is to stay in your dark cocoon where he censors everyone else and makes you feel special - you little sissies.

Lockefan said...

lol dark kudos to you for getting all these silly teenage girls totally flustered and with their panties in a twist.

their responses are brilliantly stupid lol.

please keep posting you silly fangirls i cant wait to read more of your insane ramblings.

dark rocks! best spoiler and lost fan site ever!

Anonymous said...

Poor old fish must have been really riled up ha ha ha

I guess you did not like dark ditching your so called recaps

Oh an your recaps are nothing more than an electronic popup book. lots of pictures and no substance.

a 5 yr old could do your so called recaps.

Anonymous said...

I think we've just received unadulterated proof that Dark's average fan is a "screeching teenage boy". Not only that, but they seem to come from the slow - if not the handicapped - classes.

Anonymous said...

Good work dark, nice to see these rabid fangirls wetting themselves.

Keep up the good fight man

Jate4Ever said...

electronic popup book


That all they are lol.

Dark FTW!

Anonymous said...

You've arrived Fish. That one illiterate who posts over and over, one second apart on all the shipper spam threads, has found you. Lucky you. Now you get to read the same bad spelling, broken grammar and second language English that all the rest of the Lost boards get to enjoy.

rebecca said...

Used to be a fan fish but I thought you were bigger than this.

Just lost a lot of respect for you, and some of your followers are just plain crazy and not very nice people.

I won't be reading anymore of your recaps

Anonymous said...

Seriously Fish, I have to agree with the poster above.

Are you not mature enough to just ignore other people on the Internet? It's the Internet for crying out loud.

This post makes you look very 'small'

Anonymous said...

LOL, Fish, looks like you're "losing" the one illiterate troll who is addicted to your blog and posts over and over every 10 minutes! I wonder, do you think these morons were ever able to make it through one of your recaps - like, ever? LOL! They can't even spell, let alone read!

Anonymous said...

Okay, a user told me to post something positive about FBL on Dark's site to see if it would get deleted. This is what I posted:

"Also: I'm a frequenter of this site, AND I'm a fan of Fishbiscuit's recaps. I think they're funny and occasionally quite insightful. It's too bad the two sites can't call a truce or something. I mean, we all love LOST right? Isn't that the whole point? LOST has a HUGE internet fanbase, and it makes me sad to see lines being drawn inside of it.
Can't we all just get along?
(BTW, I said the same thing at FBL"

I posted it 10 minutes ago, and so far it's stayed up. If it gets deleted, I'll let you guys know, and you can say "I told you so". If not, will it change your opinion on a possible burying of the hatchett in any way?

Anonymous said...

This is Dark's bedtime so he might not see it.

What post did you put it under? It would be interesting to track it.

Anonymous said...

I think the only way to bury the hatchet would be for Dark to apologize publically for his past transgressions and also to stop baiting shippers. It was Dark after all who lied about Fish, not the other way around, and it's been Dark who has been coming up with nonsense ways to bait Skaters day after day.

Anonymous said...

It's the last comment in the "My Least Wise Post Ever?" post.


Anonymous said...

"...and it's been Dark who has been coming up with nonsense ways to bait Skaters day after day."

What if the 'nonsense' turns out to be true, and he was simply posting the spoilers as he got them?

Anonymous said...

What facts has he posted? He hasn't had a single Jack/Kate spoiler so far all hiatus. He's had tons of Sawyer/Kate stuff and the way he's been spinning it is to post his own opinions, or the opinions of his "sources". What solid anti-Skate fact does he have? The bit of script notes telling the actors how to play the scene? That's not a spoiler, that's direction for the actors.

And seriously, not ONE true Jate spoiler. He's obviously spinning things to keep the Skaters from getting happy too early, becasue the bare facts are seriously excellent for them.

Anon who is trying to make peace: Try posting next time on a thread that's active. I can tell you for a fact he was deleting comments as fast as they came in the day that post went up. As you can see now, all the comments are 2 days old. If you're honest about your experiment, do it on a "live" thread and not during the hours when Dark is sleeping it off.

Anonymous said...

another former reader of your recaps who will no longing be reading them.

very disappointed fish.

i thought you were above petty things like this, guess i was wrong

Anonymous said...

Fish, isn't it weird that all the posters (ha!) who don't know how to capitalize sentences are all so "disappointed" that Dark is an asshole to you that they won't read the recaps they claim to have enjoyed?

Fish, you're obviously a super smart cookie, so I guess it makes sense that your haters are among the dumbest people on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Anon, your post about FBL is still standing (probably because Dark reads this blog) but the two that I saw backing you up have both been poofed away. Try it without the announcement next time. Just make a quiet experiment for yourself. That's the only way to check it out honestly.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with you about Dark, I would still urge you not to base your reviews and analysis on his opinions on jaters and skaters.

Who cares what he thinks?

I just don't think you should alienate a part of your fanbase that like the Jack character by attacking the actor who plays him personally just because Dark is a Jater. Seems reductive.

Just my opinion.

Greg said...

Wow. War of the Lost nerds. Why people give 2 shits about "Skaters" or "Jaters" I will never know the answer to. It's pretty pathetic when you are using a promotional picture as evidence that your two favorite TV characters are going to get back together. Instead of sappy love stories, how about the writers tie up loose ends and quit annoying us with cliche love triangles.