Sunday, August 5, 2007

Evi an avid Jater? What the Frak are you smoking?

Well, kiddies. Today was another great day for Skate, wasn't it? Nothing like some more digs at the Jate dynamic by Evangeline Lilly to really reinforce the impression that she's tired of the godawful triangle, sick of being submissive to Matt Fox's Jack, and much more inclined to support Sawyer in his quest for Kate's love than that other guy, the so-called hero. And this is on top of her 'balls hanging out' statement about Fox last week.

I don't know about you, but I'm loving the new candid Evi who seems to be happy to vent her frustration and speak out against the contrary shit that got handed to her in the latter part of the season after the pro-Skate mini arc (work on which, incidentally, she has been constantly quoted as saying she was proud of, excited by and pleased with.).

So...yet more ammo with which to prick that Jate bubble of unreality with.

Check this article out for yourself, plus the FF script which certainly doesn't put any epic love story spin on J/K's final scene of the season:

Official Lost Magazine Interview HERE

Some highlights:

"But one of the things that surprised me, was that when Kate rescued Jack, when she got back to camp, I felt like there was an unfortunate return to the vulnerable, love struck Kate." Unfortunate is putting it mildly.

She talks about how she expected Kate to continue to be strong and kick ass like from the mini arc, but the writers surprised her by making Kate the girl caught in the middle again. Obviously, like most of us, she prefers Kate not to be a wet noodle who can't make decisions for herself.

She talks about what Jack has done to Kate, by not giving her his attention and shutting her out, not caring about her opinion made her able to stand up to him for once. That was what that scene at the end of the Brig was all about.

"Jack's saying, "I'm not that interested in your opinion, Kate." In that moment, if Kate cared more and felt she was going to fight for them, she would have fought it." Apparently telling Jack to stick it was "really fun. I have never played that against Matthew Fox before. I've always played submissive to him. Kate was always trying to prove herself to Jack and she never lived up to that expectation, but now she's free from that! She doesn't have to care, and the freedom that comes from that is represented by outward strength." You go, girl! Throw off the shackles of submission and subjugation of self. Because he's not worth it (excuse the L'Oreal pun, I just couldn't resist).

On Sawyer's growing love for Kate and slow transformation of character: "I think it's beautiful and so endearing. I feel like, unfortunately, it's my job to play Kate a certain way, but I feel like, "Awww, Kate. Can't you see how much he's trying and what he needs from you?" You ain't the only one, Evi. 99% of the other women out there in the world apparently agree, according to you.

"Sawyer sees the good person in himself reflected through how Kate looks at him and feels about him." Does this gal know Sawyer or what?

And for those of you who remember those Where's Waldo books, Leah Kate rustled up this gem. It says it all doesn't it? Who can't even be chummy enough to smile for the camera? Who is yet again looking like the odd man out in these group cast photos?

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