Monday, August 6, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury

While the entire Batshit Council is still in their Super Sekrit hidey-hole in their Sekrit Session, working desperately around the clock to spin that entire Lost Magazine article in a Jate-positive way, the forever hilarious Forever-Erica has already weighed in on the Fuse Couch:

Evie's comment about Kate being submissive to Jack is simply not true, because if she were submissive to him, Jack would have been on that sub (after telling Kate to never come back for him), and Kate would have been on the beach (not traipsing through the jungle to go get him back after he told her to never come back), but that didn't happen now did it? The evidence is on our side, not Evie's. So in parting, I arrest my case.

All I can think is that she and her Dolores Umbridge-like pals must be imagining they are in a magical court somewhere thinking that if they can present better evidence than Evi about how the scenes in question were written, acted and directed, they are going to get the Ministry of Magic to declare them the winners. Apparently then TPTB will have to write the rest of the show their way.

That's the only thing that can possibly explain FE's latest post on the Couch. However, with her arresting her case and misconscrewing her words earlier, one can hardly take her seriously!

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