Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tales from the Fishelage:

It's been a long drought. But our fave couple are finally going to be standing on the same ground,
under the same sky, breathing the same air again.

Anything could happen.

It's never easy with these two.

But one thing for sure...whatever happens, it sure won't be forgettable.

The ever pithy Leah Kate came up with this fantastic list for us. What more needs to be said?

20 Reasons Skate is the Endgame

1. Their relationship has progressed step by step onscreen, and we've seen all their big moments from their first kiss to their first sex to their first break-up.

2. We've been allowed to see skin and actual love scenes in lingering detail, not just implied offscreen sex.

3. Their scenes are filmed beautifully, with bright light and stunning attention to detail. Jate's are dimly lit and barely visible.

4. The episode in which they first consummated their relationship was named after wedding vows.

5. They have their own orchestral love theme called "Romancing the Cage" which has been repeated for many of their key moments. A new variation of it was introduced this year in the scene where Sawyer saw Kate on the island, called "Love Theme."

6. Kate's choice in "I Do" was hyped as "definitive, emotional and physical" and then later described as something Kate would have to deal with in the future, working through her committment issues. Damon also remarked they wanted to avoid the Moonlighting curse by having the pairing together and happy.

7. "I Do" was given the full DVD commentary treatment by Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly, and Carlton Cuse, in which Carlton in particular described the consummation of two people "in love." No Jate scene has ever received DVD commentary.

8. Kate was never intimate with Jack while Sawyer was still an option, only after he was lost to her. Even after Jack's love declaration she spent the night in Sawyer's arms and was upset he hated the idea of a baby.

9. Many of Sawyer and Kate's moments have been picked as Damon and Carlton's favorites after they've aired, and hyped to the skies before they air, with words like "spectacular" and "fantastic."

10. Despite ample opportunities, Darlton have not had a good word to say about Jate - whether a particular scene or just their general dynamic - in years. They also never bother to hype their upcoming moments.

11. Skate scenes often come in big sweeps episodes and finales, where you would expect a show's keynote romance to be featured, while Jate's are buried mid-season in filler episodes.

12. Sawyer has said he loves Kate and Kate has said she loves Sawyer - she's never said she loves Jack, despite accepting his proposal.

13. Sawyer has more than once been compared by the writers to Han Solo, one of popular culture's most well-known romantic heroes.

14. Josh Holloway is a charismatic actor that women swoon over; MF is not and TPTB know it. Sawyer is also an extremely popular character who most of the audience loves, whereas Jack, even to Darlton, is easy to mock.

15. Damon said separation is romantic, and absence makes the heart grow fonder. Skate has been separated twice... both times Kate (apparently) thought Sawyer might have been dead.

16. The traditional pattern in TV love stories is that the couple gets together, breaks apart in the middle to form unions with other people, then gets together again at the end.

17. The most well-known love triangles almost always end with the rogue anti-hero getting the girl (Han Solo, Ron Weasley, Pacey) instead of the mythological hero.

18. Jack's storyline does not seem that focused on Kate, whereas Sawyer's entire arc and character growth has been entangled in his relationship with Kate.

19. The media loves Skate and often puts them on "Best" lists while Jate consistently makes "Worst" lists, a fact the writers can't be unaware of. Skate also wins viewer polls consistently, and Darlton received their Tater Tops trophy for Best Chemistry, twice.

20. Darlton have commented before that the show tells them where it wants to go, that they follow organic chemistry... and it's no question which pairing has the chemistry.

The talented Freckles also made this stunning vid to remind us of what Sawyer and Kate have already been through leading up to their much anticipated reunion:

It's coming, Fishies. The next chapter of their story is about to begin.


Anonymous said...

Its about time. Let's get this show on the road.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work Freckles, was good to watch all the many great Skate moments we've had again. Also love your list of FACTS Leah Kate. Particularly excellent since it is all fact on Skate's story so far. :)

Bring on many more great memorable facts about our favourite pair, TPTB!

~ Midnight

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the video is awesome Freckles! I've watched it 3x already!

And, Leah Kate--awesome and spot on as usual. Hard to refute facts.


Anonymous said...

Freckles, I had no idea you made that video. I saw it on Lost Video Island - it's awesome. Excellent, excellent job.

Leah_Kate, you summed it up the situation quite nicely. It's all in the details, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Andreia's vid is just simply amazingggg! <333 i watched it too many times already, perfection!

love all the reasons! word to every single one of them!

~ Bridget

talliann said...

Great post. Thank you L-K and Freckles for these <3

LostTvFan said...

Leah Kate, you did it again! I wonder how long it will take one of the creative challenged Jaters to steal your work as they did your famous Top Ten list!

Freckles, awesome, just awesome! Nice reminder of all the wonderful Skate moments no other couple has been given.

It truly is getting closer!

Andreia said...

YAY! Thanks Fish for posting my vid here! its an honour! I always read your reviews. You're awesome:)
Thanks to LK for the reasons!
I'm sooo sure they are the OTP! I cant wait for their reunion!:)

micha said...

I'm always on this blog, and have loved each post, but have never commented till now. Great job, and keep up the good work! Your entries area always so entertaining and thought-provoking. I cannot wait until Sawyer and Kate interact again!

Anonymous said...

Many of Sawyer and Kate's moments have been picked as Damon and Carlton's favorites after they've aired, and hyped to the skies before they air, with words like "spectacular" and "fantastic.
And don't forget "epic" and "that stops time" :-D
Good post. I can't believe the await is finally over!

anonymous said...

Terry.O.Locke says this:

I have always sort of despised shippers but I have also been a closet skater all of this time. I just don't see how you can possibly see how Jate is right. It's not.

Now the problem is Juliet. She is about to die I am sure. But I am praying that Sawyer tells Kate to fuck off. Burn her ass while you have the chance because if you don't she will play you again and again.

I did hope that skate was the endgame but at this point I just hate her so much that I hope neither works out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fish for this! After that awkward and overly frou-frou Sawyer/Juliet scene I (and I'd guess most Skaters) needed this!

Mariana said...

What the hell was yesterday all about??

I mean, I really like Juliet, but come on! I feel horrible for her now, because she will lose her "husband" to a girl he loved 3 years ago for about 3 months!

And we all know that Skate is the way to go, but it was totally unecessary breaking Juliet's heart. Poor woman! And poor us, for waiting for the grand reunion... =(

Anonymous said...

Hey! What does it mean TPBH?

Gypsy said...

Hello Skate - meet Jamliet.

Gypsy said...

And Anon, that means The Powers That Be. For your further edification, here's the wikipedia page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gypsy! I didn't know what TPBH mean, because I'm french. I love read the articles of Fishbiscuit and I understand them, but sometimes there's some things that I don'get it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, lots of these reasons why "Skate is endgame" are untrue but go for it if you want to believe.

You do realize the Skate "love theme" was played throughout the Juliet and Sawyer moments during La Fleur? I don't think I'd be claiming that theme anymore if I were you.

ALL sex scenes on Lost (and TV!) are implied. Every last one of them. Are you under the impression that Evie and Josh actually had sex in the cage??? LMAO. Is it the degree of clothing b/c Jack and Kate were completely naked in the shower scene. So is that not implied sex now?? So confusing - you should post some kind of Skate lexicon just to clear these imaginary terms up for the thinking layperson.

Skate's scenes are light while Jate's are dark?? You should really watch the show not just Skate highlight vids. The shower scene, the sinking scene, Jate's first kiss, the ILY are all every bit as well-lit as the one well-lit Skate scene. And you don't get any darker emotionally or with the lighting than the Skate scene in Catch 22.

Almost all of the others are completely subjective. Jate has the largest group presence on every Lost board. Some don't even have Skate groups. Darlton has specifically mentioned numerous times the fan letters he they receive from Jaters. And now there is OVERWHELMING support for the pairing of Sawyer and Juliet after one episode - which they were great together.

Yours are not facts - they are opinions from a very biased and honestly generally pretty malicious fan group.

The video was beautiful fiction though!

Enjoy your IL.

Anonymous said...

Just a question for the last poster on here...why in the HELL do you Jaters come to this forum?
As someone who has supported and rooted for Sawyer and Kate from early in Season 1 the last thing I want to do is go to a Jaters' forum. As a matter of fact, I refuse to go to one mainly because of people such as yourself and also because I really don't get the whole Matthew Fox obsession. I don't hate the guy. I just don't see anything that great about him or his character. It's like you guys search out Skater forums and videos on Youtube just so you can bash us and pick a fight. So immature. Go back to your playpen....baby. (from the movie Dirty Dancing in case you're too young to remember.
Shea Paul

Anonymous said...

Well, I come here because I find Fishbiscuit's reviews generally very insightful and I was looking or her newest one. I found this silly fluff instead.

Fishbiscuit challenges Jaters to come out of their - what does she call them- "hidey-holes??" and openly challenge any falsehoods we see here. So when one appears she is immediately told to leave? I am NOT an obsessive Jater. I am an obsessive Lost fan who thinks logically that Jate makes the most sense with the storyline. And right now after the last episode I can honestly say my favorite couple would be Sawyer and Juliet over Jate at this moment.

I love Josh H. and Foxy. I could never hate any of the actors on my favorite show unlike a lot of you here who have taken this all way too seriously. I do take offense when I see posts like this one that more often encourage attacks of fans of the show rather than the fictional characters in it. A majority of Lost fans are sick of Skate, Jate, and any mention of the triangle so these old S/J debate posts become quite tiresome.

I am offering my opinion just as the rest of you are. This is a public blog. If you want to keep it exclusive and simply bounce untruths off of one another - it should be made private.

I adored Dirty Dancing BTW and "nobody puts baby in a corner!" :)

Anonymous said...

Hello madam, I'm anxiously waiting for your recap of LaFleur, please hurry and thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Anon-no one is asking you to leave. I just don't get why Jaters get so upset and act surprised and offended when they come to this forum. Surely, you must realize by now that Fish is an open Skater so obviously anything on this forum is going to be, well, slightly biased. I'm an avid Lost fan myself and am just as much into the other characters of the show and the mythology behind it as I am this love quadrangle. And a couple of your points made sense, like the one about the love theme being played while Sawyer was talking to Juliet on the dock, but you must remeber that Fish posted this before La Fleur even aired. But just for the heck of it, I went to a Jater forum this morning. And guess what? I found that Jaters come up with all kinds of reasons that Jack and Kate are the OTP. They even attack Skate and Skaters and amazingly enough-they attack KATE!!! Basically, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I'm certainly not going to go to a forum known to be Jate biased and have a little hissy fit because an avid Jater posted "20 Reasons Why Jate is Endgame". It would be expected. Additionally, I truly didn't see anything in Leah Kate's posting that was "malicious" or that attacked Matthew Fox or Jaters for that matter. They were valid points-period. You say WE take this stuff way too seriously? I think that's a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black, don't you? And no one is trying to "put baby in the corner" my dear. But I take it from that comment that you must have recognized that you were acting a bit childish.
Fish, where's the La Fleur review??? I can't wait. I bet you have alot to say about your favorite man!
Shea Paul

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems like like there's a war coming here...
But I think that in the 20 reasons of why skate is endgame, there are some mistakes.
I want to say that the people who loved Sawyer and Juliet together are Jaters or just don't care about the love triangle/quadrangle: the jaters, I understand! but the people who just don't care about this triangle/quadrangle don't like Kate in general because they got mad that she still didn't make a choice yet. So, of course they said about the last episode that Suliet was great!

If we stay objective, We can say that we saw the absolutely all the steps of the SKATE relationship, but that we saw didn't see all the steps of the JATE relationship, and that we absolutely didn't see any of the step of the SULIET relationship!
That you are skater, jater, sulieter (I don't know how we say it yet!)you heve to reconize this, because it's a fact, a simple fact!

the lost skater french girl

Marisa said...

Okay, something must be wrong with Fish - she usually has her recap up by now.

Fish, are you okay? I hope something awful hasn't happened - hope you are okay. Maybe just drop us a line in the comments so we know everything is A-OK!

"Rodimus" Ben Lundy said...

Fishbiscuit I didn't realize you were a Skater until now because I used to just read your reviews from DarkUFO, and my eyes tend to glaze over when shipper crap comes up. I'm really surprised you are any kind of shipper because your reviews are so well thought out and not just "ZOMG Skate Kiss!!!!11!"

Whatever floats your boat, I guess. I didn't give a damn about ships until last episode. Now after seeing Sawyer and Juliet together, I will lose all my respect that I've gained for James in the last two seasons if he gives that up for Kate. In the end I don't really care that much though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment, Rodimus Ben. It's always interesting that people think "shippers" don't have the ability to have insight into the show. I think that's part of the effect the despicable DarkUFO had on the fandom, encouraging people to bash shippers, especially Skaters, left and right. What a bad influence that creep has been on the fandom.

Anonymous said...

Just to inform the Jaters, Sulieters and anonymouses. The SKATE theme that played at the end has ONLY been played when Kate and Sawyer are having an emotional scene. NO OTHER COUPLE has a theme. Now, the theme played for Sawyer and Juliet was the theme they played when Sawyer watched Kate birth Aaron. That one belongs to no one just one of the many great musical pieces of this show. The Skate theme however, IS the Skate theme. Now, don't take your frustration out here, call the composer. There is not a single mistake in those 20 reasons. You can disagree but nothing is false.

J.JacksonGroupie said...

I haev to agree with other poster that I am saddened by the fact that you get worked up in the whole shipping game. You have more insight into the show that any other commenter that I can think of, except for maybe J Woods, but who can make it through more than one paragraph of his reviews, but I digress. I could care less about the relationships and who wnds up with who but I do think that Sawyer and Juliet makes the most sense. He knew Kate for less than 4 months. He was with Juliet for three years. It would be a giant back step for the character if runs off and hooks up with Kate.

Anonymous said...

@Jjackson groupieWhat is sad is the amount of people who pretend not to be into the shipping but yet have strongly held views as to who should end up with whom. The worst thing this last week has been reading a bunch of don't know much(es) if I can coin the phrase, talking BS about regression of character. Who are these halfwits kidding?! Sawyer has killed and defrauded innocent people but because he gave a woman a flower, he has redeemed himself in the eyes of this people but heaven forbid he returns to an old love(Kate) because of unresolved feelings, then he would have regressed. These people should not be allowed near the disney channel because they are downright daft. We do not know how long Sawyer has been with Juliet romantically. We do not know if it's all been La Fluer sweet or they had some 3.16 momemnts but what do these limited thinkers care? As far as they know it's been 3 yaers so it is more binding than anything he did with Kate, nevermind that with Kate they got to watch step for step, the good, the bad and the ugly. The writer would have to kill off either Kate or Sawyer or both for them not to end up together. The story has gone only one way. It is those who do not like the way it is going that spend time imagining other scenarios that have no bearing on over 70 hours of the story told so far.