Saturday, December 20, 2008


Twas the weekend before Christmas and all round the web

The Skaters at the Fishelage were headed out for their beds

It had been a long year, with big ups and big downs

Sure, The Constant was art...but what about Eggtown?

Skaters, as always, got their fair share of kissing

But we're still kinda mad at how much Sawyer went missing

Next year is so close now, we're all getting Lost joneses

Trying to pinpoint just how and why Lost owns us

It makes us so mad and keeps us so damn obsessed

We wonder how we ever got involved in this mess

When out on the fish pond there arose such a honking

A gaggling of big webbed feet all stomping

And a voice quacked, "Hey, fish! Before you vamoose,

Let's all have a word from the Big Christmas Goose!"

The Goose cleared her beak and from her bag immense

Began to pull out all our presents

"For geeks, nerds and theory obsessives among us

I bring you good news on this holiday most glorious

Mark my words, write it down, this is my prediction

From here on in out Lost is all Science Fiction.

There's going to be action

and puzzles

and Desmond!

This next year on Lost just might be the best one.

For Jaters, my Bubblies, I won't leave you flat

I want you all to have this - Matthew Fox in a Hat!

For Skaters, though posters, promos and spoilers are choice

You have even more reasons than that to rejoice

You Fish have had a long year, you've earned some joy

Give yourself the gift of the most beautiful boy

All through the winter, when it's cold and it's freezing

Use these pictures to remember we're all here for a reason.

So it's time to do Christmas. Festivus. Hanukkah. Solstice.

Buon Natale. Joyeux Noel. Feliz Navidad. Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh.

But before we all go, come on, what the heck

Let's just have one more round of The Shirtless Redneck

So enjoy your feast and pray hard for World Peace

And always remember It's Good to be Geese!"


Kate Ford said...

Fish Merry Christmas to you too.You always rock!!!
Great video TRoss ahhahah.

Ann said...

Happy Holidays Fish, thanks for another year of making the pond a happy home for all the geese! As for 'shirtless' Sawyer -- I expect to see THAT back on my screen on January 21st. After all, Kristin's right, Sawyer and Josh ARE the face of Lost!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love Sawyer, I can't wait to see both Kate and Sawyer on my screen. Skate FTW, afterall.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Fish and Geese! And a big hug for FBL which is always awesome on level unknown.

Honk honk!

- Caprica

Maryann said...

LOL Merry Christmas to you and Christmas goose too! Hope your holiday season will be a great one. Can't wait to see our lovely boy Sawyer back on the TV screen with his lovely love of his life Kate :D.

Anonymous said...

It's good to be geese indeed! Happy Holidays to Skaters everywhere and here's looking to a banner new season with more wonderful FISH insights.

And way to rock the vid TRoss!!


Susan said...

Thanks Fish! Shirtless Sawyer/Josh is a great Christmas present. Can't wait to see our Island King get his Queen when Kate gets back.

Happy Holidays to The Fish and all of The Geese!

Anonymous said...

Aw, that was a great post. And awesome vid TRoss! Was really funny.

Merry Christmas Skaters!


Anonymous said...

Nollaig Shona to you too Fishbiscuit! I'm impressed that you know the Irish for it. And Nollaig Shona to everyone else at Fishbiscuitland from me too!

Thanks for all the pressies Fish, a pic of Josh for every day of Christmas week...beautiful. And I LOVE your vid TRoss. Perfect Christmas movie material of our favourite man. What else do we need? Just January and Season 5 with our hero and his heroine back on our screens!

~Midnight xo

Carrie said...

I find it ironic that you call yourself a Skater and yet there is no mention of Kate or Evi in the majority of your posts. If there is, it's only to prop up Josh or Sawyer or stick it to the Jaters.

Anonymous said...

Aww, someone needs some Christmas cheer.

- - -

Nice post, Fish. We must have been good this year. ;)

bluefish said...

Happy Holidays to the Fish and all the Fishies! Thank you for the presents, complete with my favorite Lost related Christmas vid.:)

Oh, Carrie. Chill out girl. The holidays are coming. Have happy thoughts. :)

Freckles said...

Merry Christmas to you Fish and to all my fellow Skaters.
I can't wait for another epic romantic season for Sawyer and his girl Freckles,who's doing something for him.:D
When she's back,The King and the Queen will be together again.

Anonymous said...

LOL Carrie! If you want to see what Kate hate is all about, go to any Jater blog - like Carrielynne's. They don't only worship Matthew Fox like a fetish but they insult Evi herself by photoshopping her face into their sick porn pictures. Are you that Carrie by any chance?

Merry Christmas Fish! You're right about how lucky we are to be getting so much beautiful Josh and how great this season is shaping up for Skate! Here's to the best year yet for Fishbiscuitland!

Anonymous said...

It's good to be geese indeed!!!


Happy Holidays Fish, and all of the Fishies!


sheapaul said...

Hi, Fish and fellow Skaters! I'm new to this but I'm so glad I found your website/blog. I see so much of this Jater shit any time I want to go on line and watch a Skate scene (like youtube for instance) it's ridiculous. Why do they bother searching out Skate scenes and posting negative comments? One chick (KatieLost101) cut and pasted part of the infamous interview. It was pretty upsetting when Evi talks about how she just thinks Jack and Kate have hit a bump in the road and will ultimately redeem themselves and "will probably now be harmonious in a way they have never been before". What do you folks think? Has she turned into a Jater? I've also heard Damon loves her and Jack as a couple.

Anonymous said...


The first thing to understand about Jaters is that they are so immmature. They love Evangline Lilly interviews when she's pro Jate. In season 3, when she was pro Skate, they said she didn't know what she was talking about. Basically Evi is pro Jate/Skate depending on where the story is. In that interview Evi is saying Jack and Kate just hit a bump, and being together in harmony with be their redemption. Her very next interview, she is saying the complete opposite, that Kate's redemption won't be about Jack. Don't pay any attention to her or take everything she says with a grain of salt because she contradicts herself always. Right now Jaters are praising Evi and her interviews are gospel. That's huge mistake. I wonder what they will say the next time she starts with her pro Skate stuff, and she will. This stuff goes in cycles.

sheapaul said...

Thanks for your input on that and I totally agree. I've kind of noticed Evi goes with whichever way the wind is blowing (kind of like the character she portrays)! LOL She can even come off a little flaky in some interviews like saying that "the bond between her and Jack was stronger than the bond between her and Aaron". I was like , "HUH"???. Aaron is the reason she kicked Jack out of her house. The whole thing reminds me of "Gone with the Wind". She's Scarlett chasing after that wimp Ashley while the man of her dreams, Rhett, is right in front of her.

Missunderstood said...

Wicked FISH what would us SKATERS do without you!?

I am happy to think that I will never have to find out.

Just spent Xmas in a tech no go zone and was ecstatic to find this post when I got back.

Can't wait to see what you got for us in the new year!

Kyle from Kentucky said...

I got to the point in my lost viewership where I couldn't stand any of the relationships involving Kate because she was just so damn annoying. And now that were at the point where more fans want Saywer and Juliet together than Skate theres just something that I've believed since about October 2004 5 years ago and that matter what happens, Kate belongs with Sawyer and he belongs with her. I hope that skate and jate don't bog down what little time we have left, but they are soulmates and she better not end up with Jack. He deserves nobody but Locke. For the spinal surgeon and the parapalegic are forever connected.