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Relationship parallels

Here's an analysis of Lost's two spectacular romantic relationships as posted by Helena at the Fishelage:

Desmond and Penny met after Des left the monastery. In some way, brother Campbell made sure the two of them meet. Same brother Campbell who is a friend with Ms. Hawking. Coincidence or fate?

[Desmond heads to leave]
MONK: If you're not in a hurry, brother Martin's heading into town in a few hours, he can give you a ride. That is, if you don't mind doing some heavy lifting.
[Desmond laughs]

PENNY: Something tells me you don't entirely believe that.
DESMOND: I suggest that's because I don't.
PENNY: Well maybe they're right. I mean, just think, if you hadn't have got fired, we wouldn't have met, and then, how could you possibly help me unload these crates in Carlisle.
DESMOND: Did I say I was coming to Carlisle with you?
PENNY: Not yet.
PENNY: I mean of course if an ex-monk already has plans, then...
DESMOND: You know I don't usually get into cars with strangers.
PENNY: Well in that case I'm Penelope. [Pauses] Penny.
DESMOND: Desmond. Very nice to meet you, Penny.
[They smile and laugh]

Kate and Sawyer met after the plane crash. They were the only two people (that we know of so far) that couldn't avoid that flight. Both of them were deported back to US. Coincidence or fate?

SAWYER [grabbing Kate's arm]: I know your type.
KATE: I'm not so sure.
SAWYER: Yeah. I've been with girls like you.
KATE: No girl's exactly like me.

Both Desmond and Sawyer left the ones they love to try to prove something to themselves. Desmond left on a boat, Sawyer left on the raft.

PENELOPE: Why didn't you write to me?
DESMOND: When are you getting married, Pen?
PENELOPE: We haven't set a date yet.
DESMOND: I'll be back in a year.
PENELOPE: What if you were back, right now?
DESMOND: I'm going to win this race, Pen—his race. And in a year, I'll be back.
PENELOPE: Desmond, what are you running from?
DESMOND: I have to get my honor back, and that's what I'm running to.

KATE: Why is it so important for you to be on that raft?
SAWYER: Cuz there ain't anything on this island worth staying for.
KATE: Be safe, Sawyer.

MICHAEL: Since the day you told me you wanted on this raft, I couldn't figure it out. Why does a guy who only cares about himself want to risk his life to save everyone else? The way I see it, there's only 2 choices -- you're either a hero or you want to die.
SAWYER: Well, I ain't no hero, Mike.

On the island, Desmond wanted to save everyone by turning failsafe key and whispering Penny's name, thinking he's going to die.

[We see Desmond cross himself and insert the key. We hear Penelope as a VO, reading again.]
PENELOPE: All we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us. And you have her. I will wait for you. Always. I love you.
DESMOND [turning the key]: I love you, Penny.

Sawyer was on his knees, ready to take a bullet in his head, wanting to save Kate and whispering to her that she closes her eyes:

[Sawyer lets go and lets Pickett have the upper hand. He is pushed face-first into the cage bars, and Pickett holds the gun to his head.]
KATE: No, NO!! Sawyer, PLEASE! You get your hands off of him!
PICKETT: Get on your knees! [Pushes Sawyer to his knees]
KATE: Please!! I'll do anything you want!
PICKETT: I want you to watch!
SAWYER: Close your eyes, Freckles.
KATE: Stand up!
SAWYER: Close your eyes!
[Sawyer closes his eyes, as Pickett prepares to shoot him execution style.]

Sawyer jumped of the chopper because he wanted to make sure Kate and his friends gets rescued. Baby Aaron and pregnant Sun also managed to get rescued later, because chopper made it on time to take Aaron and Sun. By turning the failsafe key, Desmond saved the world. Jumping of the chopper, sacrificing a chance to be happy with Kate, Sawyer saved the people he loves and cares about, including his Freckles.

Desmond felt unworthy of Penny's love, just like Sawyer felt unworthy of Kate's love:

WIDMORE: You know anything about whiskey?
DESMOND: No, I'm afraid not, sir.
WIDMORE: This is a 60 year MacCutcheon, named after Anderson MacCutcheon, esteemed Admiral from the Royal Navy. He retired with more medals than any man before or since -- moved to the highlands to see out his remaining years. Admiral MacCutcheon was a great man, Hume. This was his crowning achievement.
[Widmore pours some into one glass.]
WIDMORE: This swallow is worth more than you could make in a month. [he drinks it down] To share it with you would be a waste, and a disgrace to the great man who made it -- because you, Hume, will never be a great man.
DESMOND: Mr. Widmore, I know I'm not...
WIDMORE: What you're not, is worthy of drinking my whiskey. How could you ever be worthy of my daughter?

BEN: Mind if I ask you a question, James?
SAWYER: Yeah I do.
BEN: Why'd you leave Kate behind?
SAWYER: Wasting your time, Yoda.
BEN: I know its not pleasant but, let's face it, you really don't stand a chance now...
SAWYER: Chance of what?
BEN: James. Look at yourself. Yes, on this Island you're brave, daring, handsome, you're someone, but if you left with them, back in the real-world a low-life scam artist like you could never compete with a first class surgeon. I think Kate was really upset when you made your choice to come with us. Thank god she has Jack there to comfort...

DESMOND: I can't do this.
PENELOPE: You can't do what?
DESMOND: Us. This. This relationship.
PENELOPE: What are you talking about?
DESMOND: How can I? I - I can't look after you. I haven't got a job. I don't have any -- I can't even afford 5 quid for a bloody photograph. You deserve someone better.
PENELOPE: I know what I deserve. I chose to be with you. I love you.
DESMOND: Love's not enough. Being a good man is not enough.
PENELOPE: What's this about, Des? Where's this coming from?
DESMOND: It's all happening too soon -- you moving in. You're painting rooms; you're changing things. I don't even like red. Why would you leave your flat, your expensive flat...
PENELOPE [slapping Desmond's face]: Don't do that. Don't you pretend you don't care. And don't you dare rewrite history. I left my expensive flat because you were too proud to live there, remember. If you want me to go -- if you want me to leave then don't make this about what I do or don't deserve. And have the decency to admit that you're doing this because you're a coward.

Bolded parts scream SKate to me.

In 1996, Desmond asked Penny her phone number and wanted her to answer when he calls on Christmas Eve, 2004:

DESMOND: Look, Penny, just give me your number, and, and I know I've ruined things, and I know you think things are over between us, but they're not. If there's any part of you that still believes in us, just give me your number.
PENNY: And what's to say you won't call me tonight, or tomorrow.
DESMOND: I won't call for eight years. December 24, 2004. Christmas eve. I promise. Please, Pen.
PENNY: If I give you the number, will you leave?
PENNY: 7946-0893.
[DESMOND repeats the number, whispering.]
PENNY: All that, and you're not going to write it down?
DESMOND: It wouldn't do any good. You have to keep that number. You can't change the--
PENNY: Just get out, get out!
DESMOND: --just remember, December 24th, 2004. If you still care about me you'll have to--
[Door slams in his face.]
DESMOND: I'm not crazy, Penny! You have to believe me! You have to-

On Christmas Eve, Penny answered the call. And with it saved Desmond's life.

[Phone rings, someone answers.]
PENNY: Hello?
PENNY: Desmond?
DESMOND: Penny...Penny, answer. Answer, Penny.
PENNY: Des, where are you?
DESMOND: I'm...I'm on a boat. Um...I've been on an island, and--- Oh, my god, Penny. Is that really you?
PENNY: Yeah! Yes, it's me!
DESMOND: You believe me? You still care about me?
PENNY: Des, I've been looking for you for the past three years. I know about the island. I've been researching---(static)---and then when I spoke to your friend Charlie, that's when I knew you were still alive. That's when I knew I wasn't crazy. Des, are you still there!?
DESMOND: Yes, yes, I'm here! I'm still here, can you hear me?
PENNY: Yeah, yeah, that's better.
DESMOND: I love you, Penny. I've always loved you. I'm so sorry. I love you!
PENNY: I love you too.
DESMOND: I don't know where I am, but--
PENNY: I'll find you, Des--
DESMOND: --I promise--
PENNY: --no matter what--
DESMOND: --I'll come back to you--
PENNY: --I won't give up--
BOTH: I promise. I love you

In December 2004, Kate makes a promise to Sawyer (probably that she'll find his daughter):

In September 2007, Kate is still keeping her promise:

JACK: I wanna know where you were. I wanna know who you were with.
KATE: It doesn't matter, Jack. Please.
JACK: No, tell me. Tell me!
KATE: (Sighs) I was doing something for him.
JACK: For who?
KATE: For Sawyer. I made him a promise. It... (sighs)
JACK: (sighs) What?
KATE: It doesn't matter. It has nothing to do with us.
JACK: Then why won't you tell me?
KATE: Because--because he wouldn't want me to.
JACK: But he's not here, is he? No. No, he made his choice. He chose to stay. I'm the one who came back. I'm the one who's here. I'm the one who saved you.

Desmond and Penny separated in 2001. After three years, in December 2004, they found each other again:

Kate and Sawyer got separated in December 2004:

In 2007/2008 they still haven't found each other.

And lets not forget that these two epic couples kissed in the finale (we all know which is the spectacular one):


Anonymous said...

Helena, you did it girl! Awesome comparisons! I loved the parallel between Desmond's conversation with Widmore, and Sawyer's conversation with Ben, leading them to think they're not good enough for their women.

It's also beautiful that both couples made a promise, and Des/Pen's was spoken, but Sawyer and Kate's was not verbal, just an understanding between the two of them. The fact that Kate and Sawyer only knew each other a few months, but three years later she's still keeping that unspoken promise to him, even at the expense of her relationship with Jack, speaks volumes as to the depth of her feelings for him.

It's wonderful that Desmond and Penny were reunited, and shared a spectacular reunion kiss, and passed the torch onto Kate and Sawyer who were separated, and shared a spectacular goodbye kiss.

I can't wait to see what the next two seasons hold in store for both these couples.

Great job, Helena! :)

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! I guess they did plan this story out from the beginning. It was very clever of them to use the finale to make this all so crystal clear. As long as Desmond and Penny were separated, Sawyer and Kate's separation wouldn't have meant as much. Now it gets to take center stage.

Thank you for pointing all this out Helena! With quotes to make it so clear. It's really striking. And EXCITING. We have so much to look forward to, don't we?

talliann said...

Great work, Helena!

Anonymous said...

Great comparisons Helena! Your post really does show how much Sawyer and Desmond's perceptions of themselves so closely resemble one another's. Sawyer and Kate are definitely another Des & Penny when it comes to all the important relationship stuff.

It seems clearer now more than ever too that Sawyer and Kate are not far off reuniting (at the off-island time of the furthest FF we have seen), whether it is 2007/2008 and on the island or not. Maybe Sawyer even appears in a vision to Kate before they really do meet again!

Thanks for providing proof of the similarities between the two Helena!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Helena! You're a genius. I wish we could point every dumb jater to this page. I've read the most contrived comparisons where they try to pretend it was Jate that was being compared to Des & Penny. They have nothing! But of course they're certain. I'd love to see them try and rebut the parallels you've shown here. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Whether the writers intended the parallels or whether Skate and Pesmond sort of took on lives of their own is debatable... but what isn't debatable is that there are similarities. Big ones.

Skate and Pesmond= two of the best romantic couples that ever came out of television or movie. XD


SockeRock said...

It's a nice analogy, I just wish I could agree with it. I do think there is a basis to compare the couples, but I think it lies more in the fact Kate is the Desmond of the Sawyer/Kate relationship, not Sawyer.

I don't agree that Sawyer doesn't think he's good enough for Kate. In fact, Sawyer thinks he and Kate are two of a kind. He does have issues of feeling inferior to Jack, but Kate's is the one whose given him that issue. She makes no secret she worships the ground Jack walks on and thinks he can do no wrong, while she compares Sawyer to the father she hated and killed. That's bound to give a guy an inferiority issue.

I think both Kate and Desmond are afraid of their feelings for Sawyer and Penny. And a better comparison in regards to the way Desmond cut and run when Penny wanted to live with him, is when Kate did exactly the same thing when Sawyer asked her to live with him at the barracks.

Like Desmond, who used the money issue to pick a fight with Penny, Kate claimed she didn't trust Sawyer and told him she wasn't staying there because of him. And the same way Desmond ran away from Penny, Kate did the same with Sawyer. And it lead to both couples breaking up.

Afterwards, Desmond spent the last three years fighting to escape the island to get back to Penny, and Kate is going to have to fight to find the island if she wants to get back to Sawyer.

Just my opinion.

FrecklesPhoenix said...

Hey! I love both of these couples, and your comparison was spectacular!! I just recently made a video for Skate and DesPenny, it has all of the scenes you mentioned... (well, except for the Widmore and Ben conversations.)
Just thought I'd offer it up, in case anyone's in a sappy sweet mood and wants to watch these two wonderful couples!