Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hey, Fishies! DarkUFO is running his Fantasy League again this year, and has added a cool new feature. We've received our very own personal invitation from Andy himself to sign up as one of the special Mini Leagues - Team Fishbiscuit!

Here's how it works. Run on over to to fill out your form HERE and be sure to specify that you're on Fishbiscuit's Team! Any friend of Fishbiscuit is welcome to join up on our team.

So, good luck everyone. Go, Geese!


lyly ford said...

already with you ^^ i hope we'll have luck the next year :) lol

Ann said...

All signed up on Team Fishbiscuit as 1SawyerFan. Backing Sawyer to be a big part of S5.

Great idea to have our own team Fish!


Anonymous said...

I signed up as well. I wasn't too sure what to do but I signed up my team name as IslandOutlaws and I selected FBL from the drop-down list. Anything to support FBL!


Anonymous said...

I signed up too. Go Team Fishbiscuit! :)

Anonymous said...

I signed up on Team Fishbiscuit as Saskabusher in Lostland, and picked Sawyer, Smokey, Kate, Charles Widmore, Ji-yeon Kwon, Libby, Mr. Eko and Daniel Faraday. Go Team FBL!


Anonymous said...

I've signed up to be on Team Fishbiscuit. Playing as austen-ford-2009. I didn't do too badly last season much to my surprise, so I hope I made some good choices this time too. Good luck everyone! ♥