Friday, April 4, 2008

Time For Another Skate-palooza

Another dreaded mini-hiatus is upon us. And a lack of any decent spoilers is making me mucho cranky. So....

Time to spread the Skate Love around again. Let's celebrate all the greatness we've been blessed with over the past four years.

The Top 100 Skate Scenes

I'm told it was hard to narrow it down to the top one hundred, but here you go...Skate in all of its fun, angsty, emotional, and passionate glory. The good, the bad, the ugly, the sublime...

Kinda wish they'd kept the scene in from The Moth where Kate can't believe Sawyer's comparing himself to Jack. Major dramatic irony there knowing what's gone down over the seasons, but anyway, it's a minor quibble because this was clearly a labor of love.

Many thanks to those fishbitches who helped pull this off:
Demy, Clarisse, Helena, Susan, Johnny, Iva, Lyly, May, Sammy R and Shirley Parker.

Top 100 - 50 Skate Scenes

Top 49 - 1 skate scenes

Tyler Austin's Season Three 'Restless':

Beautifully edited. Stirring music. The Cage Love Scene in slow mo. What more do you need?

AU vid for the Diehard Frimples crowd:

I know you're out there. Still holding on to the chance that Kate's up the duff with Sawyer's baby. Well, here's a non-canon vid to feed your fantasies.

Aimee's Skate Journey from S1 to S3:

A stunning reminder of just how far this couple has come over the seasons. And anyone who claims Skate came from out of the blue in S3 is obviously a moron and should just STFU already.

Demy's Season 1-4 Skate Tribute:

Because it's a point I can't make enough - Sawyer/Kate's love story has been evolving since season one. It's been one hell of a ride, and let's hope it continues to take us on an emotional journey.

Zoriah's Skate/Jacket Tribute:

I included this because it's proof positive that we have two perfectly good, wonderful and complementary love stories being developed on the show NOW. Jate is no longer fate, people. Stop clinging to old S1 memories of what might have been, and maybe, you know, get in step with what's actually happening on the screen? Because it's beautiful. And you're missing out.

Skate is Love. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes Skate is LOVE.I love them.Skate forever and ever.

Great scenes,great videos!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for bringing all these together Fish, there are some I would never have seen if you hadn't. Beautiful job Skaters


Anonymous said...

Just what doctor prescribed for the darned hiatus!

Thanks to all who helped this to appear!


Anonymous said...

What a great entry! Skate, in all its glory, is a joy to watch. Poignant, moving, complex, and just plain beautiful. :)


Anonymous said...

I have butterflies in my stomach, shivers from head to toes - I've seen the top 50 :)

Anonymous said...

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