Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Due to the recent lack of our favorite character on our favorite TV show, Sawyer decided to get in his very own appearances for us wherever he can taking on the guise of that pop-culture sensation, the hip and tech-savvy American world traveler Waldo! So, SWaldo has been busy ensuring we never forget he can still pop up in many places across the world and not just to his most recent escapade Turkey. As if we'd ever be able to forget the presence of that sexy, southern scoundrel-turned-romantic-hero!

See if you can find SWaldo across the globe - he doesn't make it too difficult to find him, after all he does want to be found!

And just a reminder that action hero Sawyer is back on our screens this Thursday for any of you dedicated SWally Watchers out there! No cane or red-striped shirt required!

(gif courtesy of susan14509)

Why? Because he's worth it!


Anonymous said...

Dude, I've so missed your particular brand of humor to lighten things up. And I'm so thrilled we'll be getting action, hero James on our tv screens soon. Oh, how I've missed the sexy Southerner turned reluctant hero and protector of his adopted family and friends. Woo Hoo! Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

There's our favorite Action Hero!!! Cool, you used my gif. :) Gotta love the Precious! SWaldo, that's so cute! I found him on all of them! Two more days till we see him in action!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Fishie!
Your funny blog posts are greatly missed!

SWaldo sawyer is pure hularity. Can't wait for your intake on the coming episodes of Lost!

And one would definitely never get tired of watching the sexy swing around Sawyer's action!face :))


Lynn said...

Haha, this was fantastic, Fish! Loved it. I certainly hope we'll be seeing a bunch more of Sawyer in these last episodes.