Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tales from the Fishelage #4

Posted by CapricaSix:

Operation Jate

In light of recent events, a world wide search for signs, or proof of jate has begun. CIA, the Interpol and NATO have joined forces, hoping to succeed were all others have failed.

Stay tuned for news on this subject, or visit our website at http://www.jateisstillfatenomatterwhatweseeonscreen.com

Meanwhile in an unknown facitlity….

Do you understand the nature and purpose of this mission?

Yes, I’m going to bring Kate and Jack together

Exactly, you drop in, make jate happen and leave. It’s a tough mission, but we know you can do this.

With all due respect, divine intervention couldn’t make jate happen right now

2 days later…

Holy cow, that was close! Who’s that behind those bushes?

Hy, I’m Jack, island sex-god, boy wonder and spinal surgeon. Are you here to rescue us?

I can’t really say that saving you is our primary objective…

Then what is? Judging by your gear it must be something really dangerous

You got that right, see, we’re here to…bring you and Kate together…like a normal man and woman do, like her and Sawyer in the cages and then in his tent…twice

That’s disgusting. Why do that, when we have bottle jex?

Help me?!

On the other side of the island

Dude, what are you doing, sitting here in the rain, like that, poised and all?

I’m feeling a disturbance in the Force, something bad is going to happen.

This doesn’t look good

Sayid what are you doing?

Juliet, I’m going to tell you something, you won't like, the people coming here are not what they seem. They secretly want to make jate happen. I know this, because I’m right about everything.

But that’s insane, Kate doesn’t love Jack and he is starting to have feelings for me, didn’t you see the way he looked at me after we kissed?

No, I was in ur beach, pwning the others at the time, but I know you’re right. We better get there, before someone gets hurt.


Don’t worry unknown guy, I’ll fix you! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, new people to fix!

Shut up Jack and go kiss that woman! That’s right and this time, make her want it to happen!

Kate, it’s OK, I’m just going to touch you briefly, or maybe just awkwardly stare at you, that’s going to keep these people away for some time…

Yeah, Jack, that ain’t gonna happen. I’d rather kiss Dan, or Smokey. C’mere Dan!

Miles….it’s a girl…and she’s trying to kiss me, what if she has coodies? MILES?

Oh look, it’s Juju, what’s next Soya showing up, guns blazing?

Stay away from her! You people get this once and for all, because I’m not going to repeat myself, or cry, although I really wanna. I like Juliet, Kates loves Sawyer, Sawyer loves Kate. Next time try looking at the screen.

It’s not that hard, even I got it.


Morcegos no Sótão said...


Right on the spot, Fish!=D

- nirkynuts

Anonymous said...

nirkynuts, Fish didn't do this. It says at the top CapricaSix did, at the Fishelage board. And she's freaking hilarious! Hope she does more parodies in the future.

Anonymous said...

Caprica, that was just brilliant. Even the cow gets it!

Anonymous said...


the cow



Anonymous said...

Woo-Hoo! I can't believe you posted my parody! Best.Way.To.Start.The.Day.Ever! Thank you Fish!

- Caprica

Anonymous said...

Best. Parody. Ever!

Anonymous said...

haaahahahaha, the cow rocks :D

la p'tite frisée said...

awesome job caprica! I almost spilled my coffee on the keyboard!


Surly said...

Brilliant and hilarious. I can already see the virtual steam shooting from jaters' ears.

LostTvFan said...

CapricaSix you have been fishbiscuited! God I have missed the snarky Skater parodies. Too funny, even the damn cow gets it.

freckles929 said...

LOL, this was hilarious! Good job, Caprica. My favorite line was "Miles…it’s a girl…and she’s trying to kiss me, what if she has coodies? MILES?" because it fit perfectly with the picture.

Anonymous said...

i like this Jack. he's seen the light :P

Maryann said...

I DIG the cow.. LOL

great one Caprica :)

Anonymous said...

hey can you put up about the skate/jate poll on Kristen on EOnline thanks

great piece by the way

Anonymous said...

OH!! this so hilarious fish you always have the best.

Anonymous said...

One of the best parodies ever! Awesome work, Caprica.

Love all the caps and the lines, some of my fave ones:

Hilarious *LOL*

"I know this, because I’m right about everything."
So true :D

"Don’t worry unknown guy, I’ll fix you! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, new people to fix!"

Thanks Caprica for such a great parody and Fish for posting it here.